Global Education

Global Education

Many of today’s best jobs are at companies and organizations that operate globally. Even if those jobs aren’t your goal, you’re still a citizen of an interconnected world that’s constantly changing and impacting you.

Issues like the coronavirus pandemic, global warming, poverty, human rights, social justice, and women’s rights don’t respect national boundaries. The result? Having at least a basic understanding of the world and its people isn’t optional anymore.

Become a Global Citizen

At OCC, students can work toward becoming culturally competent through:

  • Taking Global Studies Courses
  • Participating in Virtual Exchange classes where you interact with students in foreign countries
  • Participating in the Conversation Partner Program, which teams American and International studies for informal weekly conversations
  • Participating in events at OCC and in the community that promote global learning.

We also encourage you to broaden your global skills and perspective by taking world languages classes. OCC offers classes in the following languages:

Contact Information

Office of Global Education

  • Tony Baracco, History Faculty at Orchard Ridge Campus
  • Jeff Farrah, Political Science Faculty at Auburn Hills Campus
  • Sarah Lemelin, English as a Second Language Faculty at Auburn Hills Campus
  • Sharon Korth, English Faculty at Auburn Hills Campus