Foreign Transcript Evaluation

International transcripts must be evaluated by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) before OCC can consider international credits for transfer. A course-by-course evaluation is required.*  Visit the NACES member directory to locate an evaluation service; we do not recommend one service over another.

Students seeking to transfer credit from Canadian institutions do not have to send their transcripts to a NACES member for evaluation. Students should request their official transcripts from their Canadian institution to be emailed or mailed to the contact listed below.  Due to differences in accreditation standards between Canada and the U.S., transfer credit from Canadian institutions is not guaranteed. Canadian transcripts are reviewed on a case-by-case by the Office of the Registrar.

Important COVID-19 Information Impacting Foreign Transcript Evaluation Services

When selecting a NACES member for your evaluation, carefully read their websites- some NACES members have made changes to their normal operations.

OCC accepts electronic evaluations that are sent to us from a NACES member through an electronic exchange process (if the member has an electronic delivery process), or evaluations that are emailed directly to us from a NACES member to  If electronic delivery is not available, request an official report to be mailed to:

Transcript Evaluation
Oakland Community College
Auburn Hills Campus
Building K
2900 Featherstone Road
Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2845

You should meet with an academic counselor before requesting transcript evaluation to help determine whether it’s worthwhile to pay a transcript evaluation fee, depending on the selected program of study and your previous coursework.