What Alumni and Students are saying about the Program

"The employers are extremely helpful and supportive of my school and career choices.  I would definitely recommend an internship to other students".

"The internship experience will help me find a full-time position in my major because I had many opportunities to meet and network with local vendors and others".

"This internship really helped me to utilize the new things I have learned.  I also learned to communicate on this job and I really wanted to practice my verbal communication skills and I feel that this internship helped me practice."

"This program was a big help when it came to getting me prepared for a job and finding me one as well.  After my first internship I was offered a contract job where I am completing my second internship, after this I will be a direct hire."

"My internship will help me to decide if this is the field of study I want to pursue."

"The most rewarding aspect of the internship experience was learning I was going to be permanently hired.  I was not only appreciative of this but it was the first time I've been hired anywhere so that was very exciting."

"This was my last work assignment and I enjoyed the internship program and I have learned a lot about myself.  The faculty supervisors and program coordinator were always there to help and guide me in case I needed help or to answer my questions.  I always received a quick reply from them that gave me a feeling of satisfaction and made me happy.  I will definitely recommend it to other students."

What Employers are saying about the Program

"I thank all of the OCC faculty and staff for the time and investment they make in the students' career development.  My experience working with students has been a positive one and I hope that Webasto and OCC can continue to build a healthy relationship around the Internship & Cooperative Education Program."  C. Sorrell, Product Engineer, Webasto Roof Systems, Inc.

"The student has been a great asset and I am happy to be working with her to achieve her goals." S. Lamparter, Demolicious, LLC.

"We were talking with our clients last night at dinner and saying how OCC has provided us, so far, with the best candidates."  K. J. Quinn, CEO LogicDrop

"The Internship is a valuable asset for companies and OCC."  C. Naimy, Decoroom, the Michigan Design Center

"The partnership with Oakland Community College has been a rewarding experience for students and WorkPlace Solutions which has resulted in two interns becoming full-time employees." P. Eatman, Vice President for Business Development, WorkPlace Solutions

"Since developing our internship program we have found the partnership with OCC to be very good.  We have learned a lot by working with OCC students and the Internship & Cooperative Education Office which has helped to make the DPD Internship Program a success." S. Flippo, Internship Coordinator, the Detroit Police Department

"The faculty and program coordinator are accessible and our work with the students has been rewarding." D. Terziev, Project Manager Ranal Co.