51 Students Awarded the OCC Chancellor’s Scholarship

  • The 2017 OCC Chancellor’s Scholarship was awarded to 51 local high school and adult education students. List of awardees by city provided below.
  • The $2,500 scholarship covers full tuition and fees for the first academic year at OCC.  
  • Scholarships are available to at least one student from each public/private Oakland County high school and qualified Adult Ed/Alternative Ed Center.

OAKLAND COUNTY, Michigan – More than 50 incoming Oakland Community College (OCC) students across the county are getting a head start on their higher education following graduation. These new students will start their first-year with tuition and fees covered by the College’s Chancellor’s Scholarship award.

Each awardee will receive $2,500 ($1,250 for the fall semester and $1,250 for the winter semester) as well as one-on-one counseling and an academic plan to ensure student success. To be eligible, award applicants must be a current Oakland county public or private high school or qualified adult education/alternative education student when they apply. In addition, they must also take mandatory placement exams, required of all incoming new students.

“The Chancellor’s Office is proud to play a role in providing encouragement and additional support to OCC students through this scholarship opportunity,” said Interim Chancellor Peter Provenzano.  “On behalf of the entire OCC community, I congratulate these award recipients and look forward to supporting them in their education and career goals.” 

The OCC Chancellor’s Scholarship awardees have a unique opportunity to begin their college experience with greater financial support. The award is made available to at least one student from every Oakland County high school and adult education center and is designed to help students across the county quickly launch their careers with an OCC degree or certificate or successfully prepare them for transfer for advanced degrees.

Applicants are not vetted simply on financial need or the highest GPA. Rather all applicants are considered and often the College provides more than one scholarship in any given district or program. The 2017 awardees successfully met all application and award criteria and begin the year with the Fall 2017 term.

For more information, visit Chancellor’s Scholarship. In addition, the Oakland Community College Foundation offers a number of scholarships and awards to students. For more information visit: Foundation Scholarships.

About OCC - With multi campus system throughout Oakland County, Oakland Community College is committed to providing academic and developmental experiences that allows each student to reach their full potential and enhance the diverse communities they serve. It offers degrees and certificates in approximately 100 career fields and university transfer degrees in business, science and the liberal arts. More than a million students have enrolled in the college since it opened in 1965.


2017-18 OCC Chancellor Scholarship Recipients

Auburn Hills
Dominic Amatulli, Michael Kleindl

Max Vowles

Joyce Lyman, Brianna Graham, Joshua Neal, Thomas Thibodeau

Commerce Township
Megan Terberg

Farmington Hills
Nathan Lirato, Benjamin Goshorn, Jeffrey Maes

Skye Hart

Hazel Park
Nathan Wiener

Paige Adams, Seth Wickham

Sarah Charles

Lake Orion
Abigail Passalacqua, Tatiana Paulus, Jessica Kosten, Jordan Mulonas

Dylan Engram
Oak Park
Diamond Harvard, Chantel Quigley, Iris Tarrant

Dana Jones, Emily Reyff

Kallan Lindstrom

Ashley LaLonde

Rochester Hills
Amy Eckhout, Lindsey Klein, Matthew Moy,
Yousif Oroo

Royal Oak
Jordan Vanek

Michael Smith, Fidelia Udanoh, Janessa Berry

Garrett Horn, Gabriella Tyrrell

Austin Bateman, Karen Lopez-Aragon, Jessica Nye, Robert Saul, Alexis Colon, Cal LeMarbe, Markie Merrell, Heather Smyth

West Bloomfield
Margaret Richards, Justin Yako

White Lake
Jordan Swanson, Shane Vega, Tyler Wilfong

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