Learn & Share with OCC During Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures of Indigenous peoples while acknowledging their important contributions to American history and learn about the unique challenges they have faced both historically and currently. OCC’s Office of DEIJ has provided a number of resources and invites you to share more as part of our commitment to learn and grow together.

Native American

History of Native American Heritage Month 

While the first "American Indian Day" was celebrated in New York in May of 1916, the month-long recognition as we know it today didn’t come into existence until seven decades later. In 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed a joint congressional resolution designating November as National American Indian Heritage Month. 

College, Local and National Resources 

There is always much to learn about Native American people. For example, have you heard of Standing Bear v. Crook? This landmark 1879 Native American civil rights case marks the first time a Native American was recognized as a person under the law, rather than as a ward of the government. 

OCC’s Office of DEIJ recommends the following resources to learn more about Native American heritage: 

As you review these resources and deepen your understanding of Indigenous peoples, the College’s Office of DEIJ invites you to share a particularly interesting fact using this web form. They will share the community’s findings on the DEIJ webpage during the week of November 27 as we continue to learn from each other.  

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