OCC Celebrates Native American Heritage Month

The history of Native Americans is extraordinarily long and significant, dating thousands of years and persisting after the pre-Columbian Era. OCC students, employees and the community are invited to join in honoring this rich history and the culture and contributions of our nation’s first people. In this month of gratitude, OCC offers two online lunch-and-learn events to increase our awareness and understanding of America’s indigenous people.

Myths and Misnomers About Native American Culture, Thursday, Nov 3, 2022 noon — 1 p.m., online. Many people seem to have stories of Native ancestors, or stories of encounters with Native people in family history. And others perhaps are interested in the cultures here in Michigan and around the country but are holding some myths, untruths and misinformation because the educational system has not taught us well. And our broader culture harbors information that is colloquial, uninformed and actually insulting. Let's talk about the "do this, don't do that" sorts of words, behaviors and attitudes that can help support a positive and rich relationship with Native peoples. Learn more and register early. 

Thanksgiving from a Native American Perspective, Tuesday, Nov. 15, noon—1 p.m., online.  

Teaching about Thanksgiving from the perspective of the Native Americans is a culturally responsive way to approach the holiday. Considering the origins, many people wonder if Native Americans even celebrate Thanksgiving. Dr. Browning Neddeau will address this question and more.Learn more and register early. 

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