Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Break New Ground

The world runs on code. In our software engineering program, you’ll learn how to use that code to solve complex problems, develop groundbreaking software applications, and prepare for a rewarding career in any industry.

Software engineering is one of the top jobs in the country, offering one of the highest number of available jobs as well as variety:

  • Software engineers work on embedded systems in vehicles, airplanes, medical devices, and even kitchen appliances. These experts work in companies that produce mobile software for iOS, Android, Windows, and other mobile operating systems
  • Game engineers—software engineers who work on games and infotainment systems—are in demand. They produce over $20B in revenue each year for their companies.
  • Backend and full-stack web developers must have strong skills in engineering software systems to handle massive data transmission and processing.

OCC has a program designed to meet your needs.

You’re a great candidate for our program if you:

  • Want to directly enter the software development job market and don’t currently hold a post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree
  • Want to save money by completing the first two years of college at OCC before transferring to a software engineering program at a four-year university
  • Hold an associate or bachelor's degree in a non-computer field and would like to start in a software development career in as few as 12-18 months.
  • Work in the computer industry and would like to stay ahead of technology changes in mobile application development, server-side web programming, enterprise programming and game programming. 

Discover your passion and build a foundation to move you forward. Apply today.

Even though employers prefer a bachelor's degree in computer science or software engineering, the demand for software developers is high enough that there are opportunities for employment with our Software Engineering associate degree.


Program Plan

If you’re coming to OCC with a bachelor's degree in a non-technical field, you may be very successful finding a software development job by adding the Software Engineering certificate to your non-technical bachelor's degree.

Certificate Program Plans

Hot Jobs: Software Developers 2020 Median Pay: $110,140 per year, $52.95 per hour Job Outlook, 2020-30: 22% growth (faster than average)

Source U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Faculty Information

John P. Baugh, Ph.D.
CIS Department Faculty
Orchard Ridge Campus
Phone (248) 522-3583
Ken E. Sigler, M.Sc.
CIS Department Faculty
Auburn Hills Campus
Phone (248) 232-4247
Hadi M. Nasser, M.S.E.
CIS Department Faculty
Orchard Ridge Campus
Phone (248) 522-3580
Eric T. Charnesky, M.Sc.
CIS Department Faculty
Orchard Ridge Campus
Phone (248) 522-3560

Contact Information

Auburn Hills Campus
Faculty Secretary - 248.232.4235
CIS Lab - 248.232.4475

Highland Lakes Campus
Faculty Secretary - 248.942.3150
CIS Lab - 248.942.3164

Orchard Ridge Campus
Faculty Secretary - 248.522.3645
Open Lab - 248.522.3435

Royal Oak Campus
Faculty Secretary - 248.246.2652

Tom Hendricks
Dean of Business and Information Technologies
Phone: - 248.232.4544