Construction Management

Construction Management

Drive by that shiny new building. Tell your family, your friends, or just yourself, “I built that. That’s standing there because I shaped the winning bid; got the subs, the crews, and permits; and showed up day after day to see it through.” 

Construction Management is a rewarding career. There’s the simple satisfaction of shepherding a complex project from construction documents to reality. 

There’s also the good living, putting the kids through college, paying off the mortgage, continuing to grow as your life and body change—all the reasons you go to work, satisfied. 

Learn What You Need; Go Where You Want to Go 

In this Construction Management program, you learn everything about the construction industry, from materials and job site safety to estimating and contracts. Along the way, you pick up certifications that matter in this work: 

Use your OCC certificate or AAS to move into the supervisory and management role you want. Your AAS will also transfer to a bachelor of construction management program.  

About half of our students go on to earn a four-year degree, often choosing these Southeast Michigan universities: 

If you’re interested in earning your bachelor’s, talk to your Construction Management Program Orientation Contact early and often about your transfer options. 

Every Day is Different; You’re Ready 

Construction managers have some long days—and some short ones, too. Every project, every site, and every crew is different. This is a career, not a job. You can make a good living, and you can jump into new roles. 

You may start as a site supervisor then move into estimating, bidding, and full management responsibilities. You have skills the industry needs, skills that work even on days your back doesn’t. Explore local jobs.

Job Market Outlook

Real-World Experiences Built-In 

  • Spend an evening with the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE), pulling a bid together.
  • Network with industry professionals by attending SCAN Night sponsored by Associated General Contractors.
  • Nail your first real job interview because we run you through mock interviews.
  • Learn from instructors who spend their days on job sites and turn that experience into your evening class assignments. 

Match Your Experience & Goals to the Best Program Option 

Associate Degrees 

We offer two Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees in Construction Management. Options include: 

Construction Management 

Start on the ground floor to learn everything about construction, including materials, job site safety, how to read construction drawings, contracts, estimating, and bidding. 

Construction Management Associate in Applied Science (62-63 credits) 

Construction Management/Professional 

If you’ve earned your journeyman’s card in a construction trade, choose the professional option (61 credits). Usually, your professional experience counts for 20 of the credits needed for an AAS, or the first year of the standard program. 

Construction Management Professional Associate in Applied Science (61 Credits)


The certificate is great for those already working in the industry who don’t need an associate degree: 100% construction management courses. 

Construction Management Certificate (33 credits) 

Take the Next Steps

Ready to begin your studies? Get started now: 

  • Apply to OCC. If you’re not already an OCC student, create a profile and complete our online application.
  • On the application select one of the degree or certificate programs ‘Construction Management’.
  • Existing OCC students can update their academic program using the Student Update Information Request form.
  • Email Construction Management instructor, Martha Stack-Dreier, to schedule your mandatory orientation to learn about the program, including course schedule, stackable credentials you can earn and more. This session is required prior to registering for Construction Management courses.