Paralegal Internship Program

Enroll in our Paralegal Internship receive the opportunity to:

  1. Work with other legal professionals.
  2. Apply the information learned in the classroom to real life situations.
  3. Learn job skills that will help when you are employed after graduation.
  4. Develop a better understanding of paralegal work.
  5. Build your resume experience and networking contacts.

The paralegal internship is a recommended elective course. It is especially recommended for those students with no exposure to the legal field. Paralegal students enrolled in the internship program gain experience and confidence in their paralegal skills.

The internship student will work in a law office or other legal environment on a supervised special project which relates directly to the student's career goals. Students may seek their own placement or be placed by the program coordinator. The student will work a minimum of 135 hours on the project and will be evaluated on their performance by their supervisor.

Qualifications and steps to enroll in the internship - PLG 2510:

  1. You must have already completed at least 10 credits of PLG core courses. (PLG 2100 through 2160)
  2. At least 10 credits of the PLG core courses must have been taken at Oakland Community College.
  3. You must have received a grade of 'B' or better in each core course you are using to qualify.
  4. Contact the Program Director to discuss your interests and suitable internship opportunities.
  5. After the term begins, you will be contacted by the Program Director with your internship placement. (Please be patient as we strive to place you in the most appropriate placement for each student.)