Paralegal Special Topic Courses

Our Current and Projected Special Topics Course Descriptions

In addition to our core paralegal courses, we offer college credit seminars on specific legal topics. Special Topics courses are taught by attorneys who are actively practicing in the topic area. These courses are designed to give in-depth knowledge and practical understanding of the paralegal role in the specified field of law. As a college course, the student will be expected to demonstrate substantive knowledge of the subject matter. However, grading emphasis will be placed on assignments typical to actual practice. To accommodate working paralegals, Instructors generally accommodate late arrivals to classes beginning prior to 6:00 pm.

The schedule of courses offered is available on online services (current term) or schedule planning (future terms) the descriptions are listed below:

Bankruptcy Law PLG 2601 - The course will provide students a concise overview of terminology, procedure, & general principals of law involved in the bankruptcy courts of the United States. Students will work with a provided factual scenario and file a mock bankruptcy for a hypothetical client. The focus is on developing skills that paralegals can use in working with bankruptcy attorneys.

Business Organizations PLG 2609 - The course will provide an overview of the selection, formation, taxation and operation of business enterprises, focusing on the sole proprietorship, general and limited partnerships, limited liability partnership, limited liability companies and the business corporation.

Criminal Law PLG 2602 - The course will Introduce the student to the basic concepts of criminal law and the criminal justice system including the substantive and procedural aspects of felony and misdemeanor offenses. The focus is on developing skills that paralegals can use in working in either a prosecutor's office or a criminal defense firm.

Employment Law PLG 2603- The course presents a concise overview of the various laws governing the employment relationship. Through the text and leading cases in the field, the students examine the laws that govern the employment relationship, the necessity for documenting employment practices, and the difficulties in proving employment claims. 

Family Law PLG 2605- This course will provide an overview of domestic relations law and how it applies to everyday legal practice. The topics of dissolution of marriage, divorce procedure, spousal support, child custody, child support, and friend of the court actions will be addressed from the paralegal perspective. While not required, students are encouraged to complete PLG 2110 - Litigation before enrolling in this course as it will deal with the civil litigation, mediation, and discovery processes as applied in the domestic relations context.

Immigration Law PLG 2604 - The course will provide students with an understanding of: the procedures involved in the immigration and naturalization system, including the role of the paralegal. It will also teach the student skills in: the identification and preparation of various legal forms and documents relating to immigration law; the process of examining and evaluating factual situations in light of existing statutory and case law; and the drafting of various immigration and naturalization related documents as a filing proceeds from start to finish. 

Intellectual Property PLG 2614 - The course presents a concise overview of the various laws governing intellectual property. The four primary areas of IP will be presented: trademarks, copyrights, patent and trade secrets. The focus is on developing skills that paralegals can use in working with IP attorneys.

Probate Law PLG 2606- The course will provide a concise overview of terminology and general principals of law that are required for administrating an estate. It will identify the participants involved, the legal duties, and common issues which arise in settling an estate. The focus is on developing skills that paralegals can use in working with probate attorneys. 

Real Estate Law PLG 2608 - This course will introduce the student to current trends in real estate law and litigation. The student will demonstrate and understanding of substantive real property law as well as the paralegal role and activities in: real estate transactional law firms; real estate litigation law firms, title offices, and corporate management companies.