Complaint Policy & Procedure


  • All complaints against Public Safety personnel shall be documented and investigated, including anonymous and whistleblower complaints. Allegations of misconduct will be investigated, regardless of whether initiated by citizen complaint, internally generated, or other external source.
  • Investigatory documentation shall be maintained in a secure area.
  • Everyone’s rights are to be respected and lawfully adhered to.
  • Human Resources would investigate all Board policy issues, including but not limited to discrimination/harassment and workplace violence 

Procedure for a complaint from a non-employee

  • Complaints may be lodged anonymously, in person, in writing, electronic, or by phone. Anyone wishing to file a complaint against a Public Safety employee must be directed immediately to the on-duty supervisor. If a supervisor is not working, then the Public Safety employee communicating with the complainant shall call a supervisor and communicate the issue to them immediately. Ensure that pertinent information is gathered including contact information.
  • The supervisor must, without delay, submit a written notification of preliminary report to the Chief of Public Safety outlining the circumstances of the complaint.
  • That supervisor will advise the Chief of Public Safety immediately or the next business day, depending on the severity of the allegation. Examples that would require an immediate notification include but are not limited to: criminal complaint (includes weapon or other assaultive issues), lawsuit filed, substance abuse, brutality, misuse of force, etc.
  • The Chief of Public Safety shall determine who will complete an investigation.
  • If a complaint is against the supervisor then the person accepting the information shall immediately contact the Chief of Public Safety.
  • Supervisors can address and resolve minor issues, unless involving a criminal matter, violation of college/department policy or activity that can adversely affect the college or department. If not resolved, it shall be processed as outlined herein.
  • The original complainant may withdraw a complaint; however, such a withdrawal will not preclude the continuation of an investigation and possible sanction.
  • A complaint alleging criminal activity may be investigated by another agency.

Scope of Investigation

  • The investigator shall conduct a thorough and complete investigation using any and all lawfully recognized methods. This will include written statements from all appropriate witnesses.
  • Due to the valid concerns from both parties, these investigations are a priority and should be resolved as quickly as possible.
  • A written report will be prepared that clearly outlines the details, facts, and findings.

Procedure for a complaint that comes from another OCC employee

  • All the above procedures shall follow except item D. The investigating entity will be determined in conjunction with the HR Department.
  • Anonymous tips/complaints will be referred to the Chief as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances of the allegation, it may or may not be reviewed with the HR Department