Transfer Credit Agreements

(Articulation Agreements)

Do you know that students who utilize a transfer credit agreement (articulation agreement) are more likely to achieve their educational goal while saving time and money when compared to those who do not? How else does transfer credit agreement (articulation agreement) benefit students? Visit Transfer Credit Agreement FAQs to learn more.

Current transfer credit agreement guides (articulation agreements) are listed by partnering institution and by OCC program. If a transfer credit agreement (articulation agreement) is not available for your OCC program of study, the intended transfer institution and/or the intended transfer program, please speak with an OCC counselor to maximize your transfer potential. Additional transfer credit agreement (articulation agreement) opportunities are continuously being explored.

Would you like assistance with transfer credit agreements (articulation agreements) or transfer oriented questions?

The Counseling Office at each campus assists students with up-to-date information on transfer credit agreements (articulation agreements), course transferability, the applicability and utilization of transfer credits and much more.

Is your college or university interested in developing or enhancing academic partnerships?

Please contact the Director of Academic Partnerships.