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The possibilities are virtually unlimited!

Welcome! We are so pleased you have chosen to make OCC the school where you will pursue your educational journey online. Take classes at your convenience - anywhere and anytime.

OCC has online degree and certificate programs to jump-start your career or obtain transferable credits towards your four-year degree.

Check out these degree and certificate programs you can complete 100% online:

The following steps will guide you through the process of becoming a student at OCC.

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Step 1: Create an Admissions Profile & complete an online application

Go to apply. Complete the Profile and Application forms. Confirmation emails are sent when the application is received and again when processed. Please allow two (2) business days for processing.

NOTE: After submitting your application, refresh your Admission Profile. You will see a tab called Supplemental Items & Documents. This area will allow you to upload optional and/or required documents.

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Step 2: Set up a MyOCC account and OCC student email

After you receive confirmation that your application has been processed, you will need to log into your MyOCC Account. Be sure to add your Password Recovery email on the User Profile screen - this will allow you to reset your own password if needed. Once logged in to MyOCC, sign in to Student Email to ACTIVATE your required OCC STUDENT EMAIL account. Check your email often for important news & updates. 

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Step 3: New student orientation - online

Students new to OCC are required to complete the New Student Orientation before registration. You must have an OCC ID and MyOCC account to access the link. Go to MyOCC, sign in, select Pre-Registration Steps, then select New Student Orientation. After you have completed the survey, remember to click "Mark Course Completed" and print your certificate to finish the orientation..

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Step 4: Complete your FAFSA (if applicable)

Award letter and status of your application may be found on the MyOCC Financial Aid page. Check for important deadlines.

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Step 5: Mandatory Placement for English, ESL and Math

ENGLISH: You MUST take OCC’s English Placement unless you have a recent SAT/ACT score or qualify for one of the other exemptions.

ENGLISH SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL):  You are REQUIRED to complete Duolingo for placement.

MATH: Take the ALEKS Math Placement unless you have a recent SAT/ACT score or qualify for one of the exemptions.

NOTE: Do not take ALEKS unless you plan on registering for a math class within a year of testing as the results expire.

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Step 6: Meet with a Counselor

Make the most of your counseling appointment. OCC now requires Mandatory Counseling for all incoming first-time college students.  Complete your application and placement testing before coming in!


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Step 7: Register for and successfully complete the online learning readiness course

*There is no cost for taking the Online Learning Readiness Course.

  1. Sign in to MyOCC, select Pre-Registration Steps, then select  “Online Learning Readiness Course (DIST 1000)".
  2. The course is available 24/7 on all devices. The average time to complete this self-paced course is 1.5 hours. Your completed activity will be saved, so you may exit the course and return at any time to complete it. To pass this course, you must complete each activity, score 75% or higher on each quiz, and fill out the course survey.
  3. Once you have reached the end of the course, you will see the Congratulations message with next steps on how to register for online or hybrid courses. Please wait 30 minutes before registering for online or hybrid courses.
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Step 8: Register for classes via MyOCC
  1. Sign in to MyOCC
  2. Select Student Planning
  3. For registration details, see How to Register
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Step 9: Pay your bill

You can pay via:

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Step 10: Get your Raider One Card

The Raider One Card is your Official OCC Student ID. It serves as your Student ID, Library Card, Copy/Print Card, and iROC Cash for Raiders Store and Cafe purchases. Your first card is free, replacement cards cost $10. Your official OCC Student ID can be picked up at the Business Office.

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Step 11: Buy your books

You can order and have your books delivered from the Raider’s Store by clicking BUY YOUR BOOKS above. In the Get Your Textbooks section, select your Campus and Term then locate your class.  The Raider Bookstore provides competitive comparisons to get your books!