Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Are you looking to expand your horizons or learn new skills?

Now more than ever, the job market moves fast. Skills that were relevant even five years ago can be outdated, requiring new training. In addition, the major socioeconomic upheaval from the coronavirus pandemic has turned whole industries upside down, requiring new solutions and resources. It can be hard to know which skills to focus on, which jobs are in-demand and where you should focus your educational efforts.  

Fortunately, Oakland Community College is leading the way in building continuing education options designed to help you enter a rewarding new career, enhance the quality of your existing one – or even pursue a passion or interest that you’ve always wanted to explore. We work closely with our business partners, as well as local and state government, to develop the most in-demand and comprehensive continuing education courses and programs.  

No matter what your goals are, you’ll learn valuable skills and get real-world experience to help build the future you want. 

Personal and Professional Enrichment Courses

We offer non-credit, continuing education courses for adult learners at all stages of their lives, for personal enrichment or professional development. Wherever your interests lie, we offer a wide variety of options for you to experience something new. Currently, we offer courses in the following areas:  

All classes are taught by our expert instructors and are affordable, fun and geared toward you. Additional courses are offered online with Ed2Go. Don’t see a class that meets your needs? Contact us with your suggestions. 

Career-building programs we offer

We offer several types of continuing education courses and programs that are designed to help you enter a new career or enhance your existing one. These include:  

  • Training programs: In our short-term training programs, you’ll receive all necessary training in six months or less, to prepare you for employment. We currently offer options in the logistics/material handling, manufacturing/industrial and allied health fields, and many of these are designed for unemployed or underemployed individuals.
  • ed2go online career classes: In partnership with ed2go, we offer online open enrollment programs designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional level positions for many in-demand occupations. These include business, computer applications, construction and trades, health and fitness, and information technology. 
  • Pre-apprenticeship: We are looking to build a pipeline of qualified students to meet industry needs in high-demand occupations in advanced manufacturing fields. Our Pre-Apprenticeship program gives you a foundation of needed skills and the opportunity to earn up to three industry-recognized credentials. 
  • Apprenticeship: Apprenticeship is a talent development strategy that combines on-the-job learning (OJL), related instruction (RI), and mentorship to train individuals to be experts in their field.