Training Programs

Businesses require people trained in the latest, high-demand skills. We have partnered with area employers, and local and state government, to develop comprehensive training programs. Each program is designed to meet industry demand while offering you new career opportunities. We continuously work with our employer partners to develop new and in-demand programs in different fields. 

Our training programs are designed to provide all necessary training and experience in 14 weeks or less. The short-term training programs will prepare you for a high-paying career in the healthcare, logistics/supply chain, manufacturing, or technology industries. The programs are designed with you in mind and intended to retrain the workforce. 

For details about curriculum & industry-recognized certifications, information session dates, and start dates - click on the appropriate training program. Take the first steps towards starting your new career!

Allied Health

The pandemic significantly impacted the field of healthcare, which was already working to adapt from other recent socioeconomic trends, including the aging of the Baby Boomer generation.

Logistics/Supply Chain

We live in an era of complicated logistics, with supply chain issues and other challenges affecting many businesses. Yet, supply chains and fulfillment companies are still delivering goods across the world in record volumes.


The manufacturing industry is continuously evolving and has created new opportunities for the workforce.


The industry is rapidly growing and evolving. Technology jobs are in high-demand and entry level helpdesk jobs are attainable with CompTIA certifications.

Breia Roberts

Dream Job in Three Months

“It doesn’t matter what spot in life you’re in. Whether you have kids, went to college already, or you didn’t finish, take the opportunity while it is there and go for it!” 

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Employer Partnership Opportunities

If you're an employer interested in partnering with OCC to broaden your talent pool, we will work with you to create activities that suits your company's needs. Frequently scheduled activities include company tours, clinicals, guest speakers in the classroom, interviews on campus, and job shadowing. There are several benefits and options available. Start a partnership with OCC today! 


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