Meet the Grads: OCC Class of 2022

OCC’s Class of 2022 graduates did not let a global pandemic and the deep struggles over this past year keep them from achieving their goals. They have triumphed despite the odds, and we could not be more proud of them. Learn about some of our graduates’ experiences at OCC and their plans for the future in this Q & A. Students were selected by the Dean or Associate Dean of Student Services to represent the campus.

Razan Alali

Razan Alali, Associate in Arts, 2021

“ Being involved in OCC built my personality and made me the person who I am today. If had to choose again whether I want to attend OCC or go straight to a four-year institution, I would definitely choose OCC again and again. ”

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Valeria Lezama

Valeria Lezama, Associate Degree in Business Administration, 2021

"My whole perception of the world we live in has changed. I have learned to value life and to appreciate the little moments I spend with my family because I know that life can be cut short at any moment."

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Morgan Sprader

Morgan Sprader, Associate Degree in Business Administration, 2021

"The past year has made me realize the importance of spending time with family and loved ones. The stay home order during the pandemic let everyone take a break and see the importance of taking time to spend away from our busy schedules."

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Irine-Valeria Neba

Irine-Valeria Neba, Associate in Arts, 2021

"My biggest accomplishment was being able to transfer to Wayne State University and graduating from OCC. Looking back at all my grades, I never really faltered. I had some really hard teachers so to accomplish that meant a lot to me because there were so many hurdles, and I could have failed but I didn’t."

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Markus Tepandi-Sivila

Markus Tepandi-Sivila, Associate Degree in Cinematic Arts, 2021

"We as people, need each other more than ever. We need each other to grow and provide for future generations. We need to focus on our mental health and be there for each other and open up."

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Tala AlAhmar

Tala AlAhmar, Associate in Arts, 2021

"It brings tears to my eyes knowing that I’ll be leaving OCC. I know that I couldn’t have made a better choice than starting here. To all my instructors, administrators, mentors, advisors, counselors and friends, thank you for helping me grow and for preparing me to pursue great endeavors."

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Elena Wong

Elena Wong, Associate in Arts and Associate Degree in General Studies, 2021

"I know a lot of students, even myself, who didn’t plan to go to OCC. They planned to go to a 4-year university. For me, going to OCC was a blessing. It was an opportunity for me to open a new door and try to become the person I had to be. I would tell future students to get involved, talk to faculty, make friends, and make connections."

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Shruti Goel

Shruti Goel Associate Degree in Applied Science, 2021

"Things are not always going to be easy. We might face challenges that we never thought of, but it is always possible to overcome them and accomplish our goals."

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