Meet the Grads: OCC Class of 2022

OCC’s Class of 2022 graduates come from different backgrounds, have different interests, and can tell different life stories. But all have shared one thing: they have endured. Through life’s challenges, difficult course work and even a global pandemic they have succeeded. Follow their stories, learn about their future plans and be inspired to endure!

Megan ChalkMegan Chalk

Associate in Applied Science, Certificate in Surgical Tech. 

“Ever since I was a kid, I remember looking through my Mom’s nursing medical books. I had a fascination with science and anatomy. This degree represents everything I ever loved and enjoyed. It represents my accomplishments, everything I have worked on my whole life...and the starting of my life.” 

Meet the Grad

Josh YangJosh Yang

Associate in Arts

“If you have a goal you want to accomplish, do one thing every day to make it closer to achieving it. There will be hardships along the way that will distract you. It’s important to not lose sight of the big picture. Graduating from OCC is a step in the right direction.”

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Kelly ThalmannKelly Thalmann

Associate Degree in General Studies and Associate in Arts (MTA)

“I’m an adult learner. I dropped out of high school and did not take school seriously when I first went to college. I later decided to go back to do something for me and prove to my four kids I could do something more. In addition to college, I’m balancing being a mom, going to dance competitions and soccer games. I’ve been working so hard to get my GPA up and did it! I am graduating in May and sometimes say to myself, ‘Wait, is this for real?’ I know if I can do this, others can too!”   

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Jordan PeeplesJordan Peeples

Associate Degree in Arts

“The sky is the limit for anything you are doing. With acting, some may say it’s not the best major to have but if every actor was told this, we would have no actors. If your mind is set on something and you have vision to do it, you will be able to achieve it no matter what people tell you. Getting my Associate Degree tells me I can do anything I want in life.”  

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Nada ElmallahNada Elmallaha

Associate in General Studies

“If you were to tell me 5 years ago I would graduate with an Associate Degree out of high school, I would not believe it. I’m proud I pulled through. I set a schedule and followed through with it. I can’t wait to graduate!”

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Riley TylerRiley Tyler

Associate in Applied Science Mental Health/Social Work

“Even though there is a lot going on in the world, I was able to advance my career and still help serve the OCC community. College gave me something to focus on during the pandemic and a sense of direction. In the past, there were times I would get frustrated with a class I was not interested in...I would want to drop and give up. At OCC, I learned to keep pushing through.” - Riley Tyler

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Mama 'Tamba' JammehMama 'Tamba' Jammeh

Associate in Business Administration

“Graduation is a big milestone. I feel it’s just the start of it all and sets you up for the next level of getting a bachelor’s degree. Graduating is a big step to being the person I want to be and achieving my goals and dreams.” - Mama 'Tamba' Jammeh

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Amelia Koveleski Ameilia Koveleski

Associate in Applied Science Extended Degree Dental Hygiene

“Some people are scared of change. I think you should embrace it and go with the flow of things. Especially with COVID, a lot had to be changed and we didn’t really have a choice. This situation made me learn how to manage stressful situations and how to work with others. OCC molds you into the person you are going to be.” - Amelia Koveleski

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