Meet OCC 2023 Grads: Ainsley Rahm

Ainsley Rahm

Attending OCC as an early college student, Ainsley believes she has become more open-minded to new possibilities and new opportunities and is excited about what her future holds. She’s gone from majoring in psychology to double majoring in integrated supply management and fashion merchandising. She says going to OCC is one of the best decisions she has made.

Degree: Associate in Arts and Associate in General Studies
Program: Oakland Accelerated College Experience (ACE) 
Major: General Studies
Student Involvement/Honors: Vice President of Fellowship, Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Highland Lakes Chapter; Student Recruiter; Dean’s List

Hear more from Ainsley

Q: The past couple of years have been defined by change. How did you adapt and what did you take away from this experience?
A: Adapting to a new crowd of people and getting to know so many diverse walks of life has helped me grow and adapt to other experiences.

Q: What’s your “new normal?”
A: Taking classes online. I would have never thought I would be good at it or really enjoy taking classes online but after 2020, I realized I like taking online classes and having flexibility in my schedule.

Q: In our modern, socially connected world, people are not afraid to express their beliefs and values, to let their voices be heard. What’s your voice? What are you most passionate about?
A: Environmental sustainability. Our PTK chapter last year recycled 500 pounds of plastic through the student facility committee. It opened my eyes to how much we waste. I’m always thinking about how I can help this movement by making things environmentally friendly and helping our planet.

“The past few years have been really hard, but it’s been great getting to know everyone and being a part of the ACE community at OCC. I had no idea what ACE was going to be like, and it looks like going to OCC turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

Q: What were your biggest accomplishments at OCC?
A: Finding myself, putting myself on a better life path and identifying my values has been huge for me. One of the major themes of ACE is having an easier transition from high school to college. I’m grateful I’ve accomplished getting to know myself better and having a plan for myself.

Q: What kind of support have you received from OCC faculty and staff? 
A: The faculty has been so supportive when things have happened in my personal life or if I was struggling in a subject. They took extra time to help me or were up late answering my emails about questions I had the day before a test. They have helped propel my academic career forward. 

Q: What advice would you give future students?
A: Don’t be afraid to reach out and get help if you need it. Whether it’s help academically or with registration, I guarantee you someone has the answer and it’s just a matter of reaching out and asking the right questions.