Exam Credit

Exam Credit

Test Out of Select Courses

Save time and money on your degree or certificate by testing out of select courses that you’ve already mastered through prior learning or experience. The process is simple.

  1. If you haven't been admitted to OCC, Apply today.
  2. Contact the appropriate Office of the Dean.
  3. You’ll complete a form and discuss your eligibility to sit for the exam.
    Please note that exam credit is only available for some courses in the divisions listed below, not all courses. 

Department Academic Deans

Department Academic Dean

Business & Information Technology 

  • Course prefixes included: ACC, BUS, CIS, ECO, PLG
Tom Hendricks 

Communication, Arts and Humanities 

  • Course prefixes included: ARB, ART, CHI, COM, CUL, ENG, ESL, FSH, FRE, GER, GRD, HEA, HUM, INT, ITA, JPN, MUS, PHI, PHO, SPA, THE
Cindy Carbone 

Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Technology 

  • Course prefixes included: APP, APM, APT, ATF, AUT, CAD, CAR, CMN, DDT, EEC, EGR, ETT,
Beau Everitt


  • Course prefixes included: LIB
Mary Ann Sheble

Math & Natural Sciences 

  • Course prefixes included: BIO, CHE, FSN, GSC, MAT, PSC, PHY
Ken Williams

Nursing & Health Professions 

  • Course prefixes included: DHY, DMS, HCA, MDA, NUR, RAD, RSP, SUR
Zenet Patten - Interim

Public Services (Criminal Justice, EMS, Fire, Police) 

  • Course prefixes included: CRJ, EMS, FFT, OPA (Police Academy), OFA (Fire Academy)
David Ceci 

Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, History) 

  • Course prefixes included: ANT, ECE, GEO, GLS, HIS, MHA, PER, POL, PSY
Kevin Bratton