Lori Przymusinsky - Alumni Profile

Lori PrzymusinskiLori Przymusinski, MSN, RN, of Rochester, Mich., is the interim Dean of Nursing and Health Professions at Oakland Community College. Lori has a Licensed Practical Nurse Certificate (‘83) and an Associate’s in Applied Science in Nursing from OCC (’90), a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Oakland University and a Master’s in Nursing  from University of Phoenix. She is also a graduate of C.S. Mott High School in Warren, MI.

Why did you choose to attend OCC?
As a resident of Oakland County, I was in close proximity to the college’s campuses, the programs have a great reputation and the classes were affordable for someone on a fixed budget.

What is your fondest memory of OCC?
I felt proudest having my family there congratulating me when I graduated with both of my nursing degrees.

What surprised you the most about OCC?
I was surprised by the quality of the education, the friendly faculty, the great facilities and the lifelong friends I made.

How did attending OCC impact your life?
Attending OCC encouraged me exponentially! As a non-traditional student, it taught me that I could succeed as a professional and make a viable living.

Was there a favorite faculty or staff member who had a strong, positive impact on your life?
Retired Dean of Nursing and Health Professions Dr. Nadia Boulos provided me with an opportunity to teach at OCC and supported my efforts to pursue advanced education.

Were you involved in student life activities at OCC? How did those impact you?
I was a member of the Nursing Student Association through which I greatly enjoyed activities such as volunteering at the local food pantry and visiting nursing homes and assisted living centers to increase my comfort interacting with different generations of individuals across the spectrum.

What has been your most rewarding professional, or personal, experience since graduating?
Having the opportunity to return to work at OCC was rewarding because I now educate nurses who I see successfully practicing in local area hospitals upon conclusion of their education at OCC.  I have seen peoples’ lives changed as a result of this opportunity.  My life also changed as a result of my experience as an OCC graduate.

What advice would you give other OCC graduates about school and life after school?
OCC offers excellent, relevant education that will prepare you for real world careers. Be prepared to be dedicated, focused and willing to work hard to achieve your professional goals.  People succeed as a result of these efforts.

What would you like for people to know about OCC that they might not necessarily know?
OCC has the lowest tuition in the state, quality programs and great opportunities for employment and personal enrichment such as art, ceramics, wine tasting, and culinary classes at a low cost, right in Oakland County.  I was pleased to discover the active theatre program and have attended many plays inviting family and friends to discover these affordable, quality productions.  There is more to OCC - we truly are ‘community’ focused!