Conversation Partner Program (CPP)

The Conversation Partner Program (CPP) matches native (or near native) and nonnative speakers of English for informal conversations and friendship. Why participate?  


  • Make new friends and gain global connections
  • Build language skills and confidence
  • Enhance professional development and networking
  • Earn GLE life experience and learn about local cultures

By speaking with native English speakers, ESL students are able to increase their English proficiency and be more successful academically. At the same time, both native and nonnative speakers expand their cultural knowledge, make friends, and build a network of professional contacts! 

How it works:

Partners will meet independently in person or virtually via Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime or a similar medium on a weekly basis. Partners will decide when and where to meet and what to discuss or do. For example, partners can:

  • Share conversation over a cup of coffee or tea
  • Visit a museum and discuss the exhibits
  • Attend an Office of Global Education, International Student Club (ISC) or other College event
  • Cook together
  • Go for a walk in a local park
  • Watch a movie and discuss it
  • You get the idea - be creative, have fun, and remember that however you choose to spend your time together, make sure that you're practicing speaking and learning about each other's cultures!

*The OCC program description and design is adapted from the Baruch College CPP

Apply Today!

The application is open, and applying is easy! Visit the online CPP application to get matched with a conversation partner for the current semester.

Want more information? Contact one of the co-directors: 

Sarah Lemelin248.232.4096

Sharon Cicilian | 248.232.4571