Make Global Connections with a Conversation Partner

How would you like to make new friends, gain insights into other cultures, and start building your international contacts? How about doing all of this with no studying, no grades, and no pressure? And with the only “cost” being one hour per week of your time?

You can get all this – and much more – with OCC’s Conversation Partner Program. It pairs American students with international students who know English but want to improve their skills. You talk with each other one hour per week about anything you want: school, your families, living in Michigan, differences in your cultures, etc. The list of possible topics is endless.

Ordinarily, you’d meet in person to talk and you still can if you choose to. But in these days of COVID-19, you can also talk to each other virtually using whatever technology, such as Zoom or WhatsApp, works for both of you. You decide when and how to meet.

What Participants Say

Check out this great video where participants discuss the Conversation Partner Program!

Below are written comments from some recent participants in the Conversation Partner Program:

“One of my favorite experiences was just learning about the other person’s language and culture.”

“We laughed a great deal. We laughed at ourselves and at our countries when comparing differences and similarities.”

“We could talk for hours about anything. Learning about her life and sharing about mine was so very rewarding.”

Participation is Easy

To learn more, please contact Sarah Lemelin or Sharon Cicilian or Eleonora Bagatelia.