How OCC 100% Online Learning Works

Online learning uses the Internet to deliver educational content, instead of face-to-face in a physical classroom. It offers several benefits for students who need a more flexible approach to education. 

Benefits of OCC Online Learning

  • You have the flexibility of accessing course content and completing assignments at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can achieve your academic and career goals on your own personalized schedule that works around family, work or other obligations. 
  • You can save money by paying an affordable tuition – and by avoiding a commute to an OCC campus to take your online degree or certificate courses.
  • Online courses offer the same quality education, competencies and credits as OCC’s face-to-face classes and are even taught by the same instructors.

While there are many benefits to online learning, it’s not easier than traditional, in-person classes. In fact, you can expect to work as hard, or even harder, than in your face-to-face classes. With all OCC classes, your success will be dependent on the time and effort you invest in your coursework. 

4 Easy Steps to Become an OCC 100% Online Student

Choose an onine degree or certificate program

Step 1: Choose an online degree or certificate program

We offer a range of options, and are continually developing new online programs. Visit our online degrees and certificates page to see the latest offerings. 

Application, Admissions and Advising

Step 2: Application, Admissions and Counseling

Apply to OCC and complete any admissions, financial aid forms and see a counselor. You also need to complete placement tests and meet with an OCC Counselor before beginning your plan of study. In addition, you’ll attend an online new student orientation. 

Complete DIST-1000: Onine Learning Readiness

Step 3: Complete DIST-1000: Online Learning Readiness

To prepare you for online coursework, OCC offers this no-cost, self-paced course, which is required to enroll in your first online course at OCC and only needs to be taken once. The course is designed to get you familiar with navigating the OCC online learning environment, and it also addresses common questions and myths about online learning.

Get ready for class!

Step 4: Get ready for class! 

Get your official one card, register for your first courses, buy your books and get any other resources required for your specific classes. 


Other Requirements

OCC Online instructors share course information and content to students through a learning management system (LMS). At OCC, the LMS environment students use is called Brightspace by D2L. (D2L for short)

To successfully use D2L, ensure you have the required technology and a reliable Internet connection for the duration of the course. While mobile devices may be used to review course materials in D2L, for critical activities, such as taking a quiz, it is strongly recommended to use a desktop or laptop with a supported web browser and a reliable Internet connection. Some features of D2L may work differently or may work with reduced functionality when using a supported mobile device.

Learn More

From what to expect as an OCC online student and how online degrees and certificates work, to admissions and registration, you may have many questions about what to expect. We have compiled a helpful list of FAQs to get you started.