Get the Classes you Want

To get the best selection of classes, you should register as early as possible for the upcoming semester. Check Registration Dates to learn when registration begins.

Before you choose classes, you need to see which classes you’re eligible to take.  This is based on your Placement Testing.

We recommend that you next meet with a counselor to discuss what classes you should take. The counselor will make sure the classes you choose fit in your program and lead toward graduation. If you’ve never attended college, you must meet with a counselor before you can register.

Course Formats

To get more help choosing classes, check the Student Planning section of MyOCC. It lists the classes you still need to take to graduate.

Two tips about choosing classes:

  • Check that you’ve taken any required prerequisites. These are classes you must take before the class you’ve chosen.
  • Make sure you register for any required corequisites. These are classes you must take at the same time as the class you’ve chosen. For example, some science classes have lecture sections and corequisite lab sections.

Preliminary Registration Steps

After being admitted, you should:

  1. Participate (if necessary) in English Placement (through your OCC email account) or ESL Placement.
  2. Contact the campus counseling office to arrange an appointment with a counselor.

How to Register

You can register for classes in MyOCC.

More Registration Tips

A few more helpful things to know about registration:

  • OCC will block you from registering if you 1) owe the College money, or 2) haven’t verified your address after the College asked you to do so.
  • Once classes begin, you can still register for classes that haven’t started.
  • Pay close attention to payment deadlines. OCC will cancel your registration if you don’t pay by the deadline or have a payment plan in place.
  • If you want to drop a class and get your money back, check the drop deadline for your specific class section in MyOCC.
  • To check the deadline dates for a class, see Section Deadline Dates.

Registration Periods

Registration begins with MyOCC. The expanded hours of service are detailed in the current schedule of classes. An additional Drop/Add Period is provided during the first several days of classes. Follow the How to Register Steps.  After the Drop/Add Period, you may register online into classes that have not begun yet. Payment is due the day registration occurs.

Register or search for classes online using MyOCC.


  • You must meet prerequisites and/or corequisites of courses in which they intend to enroll.
  • The College reserves the right to enact an administrative drop from courses for which you do not meet the requirements.
  • You cannot attend classes for which you are not registered.

Registration Details

  • After the Drop/Add Period, students may register for a class prior to its first scheduled meeting. Payment is due the day of registration.
  • Account detail statements are available to view and print from your student MyOCC account. Statements can also be picked up in the Enrollment Services office of any campus.
  • Students are responsible for payment in full by the deadline.
  • Credit card payments can be made via MyOCC or at the Campus Business Office, or you may print your statement from MyOCC and mail payment to the address listed on the statement.
  • Students must pay for their classes by the designated payment due date.
  • Students who do not pay by payment due dates may be deregistered. Exceptions apply for students with 3rd party vouchers, students who are financial aid recipients, or students enrolled in a payment plan. Payment vouchers or payment authorization letters must be submitted to the Campus Business Office by the payment deadline.

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