Open-Door Admission

Oakland Community College offers learning opportunities to anyone seeking to further their education. A comprehensive placement program designed to identify basic skills assists students to select and maximize the appropriate academic program. Our placement process promotes educational access, equality and the appropriate use of institutional resources across OCC’s multi campus system.

Admission is open to all high school graduates, GED recipients, college transfer students and persons 18 years of age or older. Students who wish to attend OCC while in high school can explore dual enrollment and early college opportunities. 

Though the College generally does not demand a minimum grade point average, SAT, or ACT test score, some specialized academic programs at OCC may have unique admissions requirements. Students are expected to demonstrate a compatibility with the mission, purposes and values of the College, and must complete the entire application for admission. Incomplete information may cause rejection of the application; false information may result in dismissal without refund of tuition or fees. Admission to the College does not guarantee admission to any or all programs of study.

If you are ready to apply visit Admissions and select which student best describes your status and get started.

Student Eligibility

You must demonstrate the following;

  • Academic readiness on College-sanctioned placement instruments by scoring at or above the established minimum academic requirement for entering into developmental English or English as a Second Language courses.
  • Ability to communicate (with or without assisted devices) at levels sufficient to complete all necessary course work and evidence through successful completion of course work the capacity to grow and improve.
  • Motivation, commitment and desire to learn.
  • Proof that you are 18 or older, a high school graduate, or approved to attend OCC through dual enrollment or as an early college student.
  • Willing to attend one or more campus sites in order to pursue a chosen course of study.
  • Understand that OCC does not provide transportation to and from its campuses.
  • Show capacity to maintain initial eligibility as well as demonstrate continued academic progress as specified in the College catalog.



  • Meet the requirements of federal or state-funded programs as a function of receiving aid and/or engaging in academic programs supported by such funds.
  •  Knowledge of and adherence to all requirements contained in the “Student’s Roles and Responsibilities” statements which define acceptable behavior (civic, social and academic) as identified in the Student Handbook
  • Ability to attend to a learning task for the scheduled period of instruction assigned to each class in which the student is enrolled and to adhere to College policies regarding attendance and the repeating of classes.

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