Information Technology Support

Information Technology Support

The Computer Information Systems discipline at Oakland Community College has many different opportunities available for students who are interested in applying information technology as a primary career thrust or in supporting a plethora of various careers where applying information technology is vital. There are an abundant number of jobs in Michigan and across the country that primarily and secondarily use information technology – jobs that pay very well.

The CIS discipline offers the courses needed to establish a solid set of core information technology skills, and courses to develop specific skill sets in one of three focus areas:

  • Database Technology and Administration,
  • Network Technology and Administration, and
  • Computer and Systems Support.

Database technology and administration skillsets are used in careers in information resource management and engineering. Network technology and administration skillsets are used in careers in communication platform management and engineering. Computer and systems support skillsets are used in careers in computer and information technology management and maintenance.

Degree Program Credentials

Degree Program Plan

Our discipline serves several different groups of people, with various backgrounds and goals. Some common groups that we serve are those:

  • Students with no post-secondary degree who would like to enter the information technology market as soon as possible.
  • Students with no post-secondary degree who would like to transfer to a four-year university after OCC.
  • Students who already have an associate or bachelor's degree in a non-computer field and would like to switch as quickly as possible to an information technology career.
  • Students who are already working in the computer industry and would like to keep up with the current technology.

The group that you fall into will influence which path you will choose to pursue within the area of information technology.  Current working computer professionals are often not pursuing a degree or certificate, but instead choose a selection of our cutting edge courses in database technology and administration, network technology and administration, and computer and system support. Even though employers prefer a bachelor's degree, the demand for information technology specialists is high enough that there are some opportunities for employment for students who get our Information Technology Support associate degree.

Certificate Credentials

Certificate Program Plan

For students looking for employment as an information technology specialist, many employers prefer to see the applicant have a bachelor's degree in computer science or software engineering. Students who come to OCC with a bachelor's degree in a non-technical field are very successful finding information technology specialist jobs if they add the Information Technology Support certificate to their existing non-technical bachelor's degree.

Students may choose from one of three "focus areas" within the ITS certificate program: Computer and Systems Support, Database Technology and Administration, and Network Technology and Administration. Each focus area begins with five core courses followed by four courses specific to that focus title.


Career Information

 With a very high expected growth rate in the United States and over $100,000 annual salary as median annual salary, information technology is one of the top jobs in the country.  Information technology, as a discipline, is relatively young compared to many other engineering disciplines. However, this doesn't stop it from having one of the highest number of available jobs as well as having an enormous amount of variety.  Information technology specialists work within a wide spectrum of organizations, from small companies up to international corporations and enterprises across all business lines. They're found in companies that are both provided IT services from other IT providers as well as providing their own IT services internally or externally to other organizations as a business.

Among the various IT specialties, the major areas include:

  • database analysts,
  • administrators,
  • engineers and managers within corporate information resource management activities,
  • network administrators,
  • engineers and managers within corporate communication network activities,
  • computer and system administrators,
  • engineers and managers within corporate hardware and operating system platform support activities

If you're looking for an exciting, high-salary career, then look no further. Information technology is where it's at.

Industry & Job Information

OCC education programs in computer and information security provide a strong foundation that can lead to a variety of high paying jobs such as:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Information Resource Manager
  • Information Resource Engineer/Architect
  • Information Security Specialist
  • Database Analyst/Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Infrastructure Manager
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Security Specialist
  • IT Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Operations Technician

Quick Facts: Computer Support Specialists

Job statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • 2020 Median Pay: $55,510 per year, $26.69 per hour
  • Work Experience: None
  • On-the-Job Training: None
  • Number of Jobs, 2020: 844,600
  • Job Outlook, 2020-30: 9% (As fast as average)
  • Employment Change, 2020-30: 72,200

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