Graphic Design FAQs

Listed below are a few of the commonly asked questions about the Graphic Design program.  If you do not find answered to your questions here, contact a department secretary.  Contact information is listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a graphic designer and an art director?

A graphic designer uses the elements of design and the understanding of typography to communicate visually. An art director thinks conceptually and presents visual ideas to promote, entice or persuade a target audience to purchase a product or service.

What are the career paths in graphic design?

There are a wide range of jobs as a graphic designer. Examples are print communication such as layout & designing brochures, magazines and flyers. Packaging design, digital designer that designs user interfaces or avatars, Promotional designer that designs graphics for events or direct mail. Corporate identity designer and branding campaign designer.

What skills should a student possess to begin graphic design courses?

A student should have a basic familiarity of a computer operating system. He/she should have an interest is color, imagery and drawing. The most important attribute is a curious mind. The interest to search topics out. Ask questions.

Why do I need an education to be a graphic designer or an art director?

Most companies want their creative staff to have a well-rounded college education. Knowledge to access for solving problems. Also, a college environment allows a person to experiment and dig deep for breakthrough creative solutions to visual projects.