OCC’s program offers real world experience

Through internships in the local design community and course field trips to connect with local design resources. Organized program trips are organized every spring (i.e. Paris, France, Fallingwater, P.A., furniture makers in Grand Rapids). Students and graduates alike stay connected through our student Facebook group, Twitter and Instagram feeds. This form of communication can help students with projects or even find job opportunities. 

INT courses meet for a 3 hour class period once a week (15 week semester)

As with any college course, every one hour of class time requires two hours of work done outside of class. During times that projects are due, plan for at least another 3 hours. INT course offerings generally meet at either a 12 to 3pm or 6 to 9PM meeting time. Reference the college schedule to verify the availability of the specific days & meeting times. 

Students leave the program with a high quality portfolio

A portfolio that includes visual presentations, drawings and scaled models. Some drawings will be created using a drafting board and others using the AutoCAD software. Renderings will be done in both pencil and marker. Finally, matte board and foam core will be used for the visual presentations and 3D models. Assembled kits are available at the campus bookstore. 

You can use your Interior Design course at four year universities.

Students from the OCC program have transferred to programs at Wayne State University, Center for Creative Studies, Western Michigan University, Kendall College of Art and Design (Ferris State), and Eastern Michigan University. Central Michigan University and the University of Michigan Architecture School in Ann Arbor also recognize our courses.