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Pursue your passion and study the art of music.  Whether you are a community member looking to enrich your life by taking a course in music or a full-time student with the goal of transferring to a university to complete a bachelor degree, OCC is the place to start.  Enjoy the encouragement of supportive faculty and tutors in small classrooms and save thousands of dollars before transferring. 

Oakland Community College offers an Associate in Arts degree with a concentration in music and a Certificate in Music. The degree fulfills a variety of needs: transfer to a four-year institution with approximately two years of study completed, or begin work in any area of music with a solid understanding of music theory,  music history, and performance experience.  The Certificate is intended to give musicians who are proficient at their instrument a solid background in music fundamentals.  The combination of performance proficiency and the Certificate in Music may lead to a career as a private instructor.

Studies included: Music Theory, Ear Training, Sight Signing, Piano, Conducting, Composition, Music History, Private Lessons, and Performances.

There is an opportunity to audition and perform in an "all student" concert every fall and winter semester.  Whatever style of music you play, these concerts are an opportunity to get your act in front of an audience. Lots of fun!  

OCC's Associate in Arts degree with a concentration in music transfers entirely to Wayne State University and counts as 50% of a bachelor degree at Wayne. 

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