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Student Success Fund


Student Success Fund applications will be accepted only for the current semester, until available resources are depleted.  We continue to campaign for donations to this fund to ensure continuation of assistance in the future.

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The Student Success Fund is OCC’s rapid response to students experiencing a sudden unexpected crisis. Through donations to the OCC Foundation, help may be available for enrolled students facing a non-tuition financial emergency.  This fund may provide assistance to eligible students for help with rent, utilities, transportation, food, technology needs, required textbooks, or other unexpected expenses as outlined below, due to an unforeseen financial setback.  The goal is to prevent a student from dropping out of classes and losing momentum toward completion.

Educational expenses such as tuition & fees or an outstanding balance on the student account are not covered by the Student Success Fund.  Students who have questions about financial assistance for these types of expenses may work with Financial Aid to determine eligibility and are also encouraged to sign in and apply for scholarships through Scholarship Universe.

If approved, a student may receive one  of the following depending on availability at the time of the request:

  • Up to $500 in monetary assistance for unexpected, nonacademic emergency expenses
  • A laptop computer
  • Up to $400 for required textbooks from the Susan & Dennis Fiems Endowed Scholarship for textbooks or the Soldan Family Endowed book fund* OCC Bookstore

*Separate criteria apply

The Student Success Fund has provided a total of $91,223 to 266 students since 2018 through December 2022. In addition, it has provided more than 62 laptop computers to students in need.


To be eligible for assistance, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled at OCC, registered for at least six (6) credits and currently attending classes.
  • Must not have an outstanding balance on your student account.
  • Must not have received monetary assistance or a laptop computer through the Student Success Fund within the past year (365 days).
  • Must not be a High School Dual Enrolled or College Guest student.

Recipient Testimonials

“I cannot begin to thank you enough for the kindness and compassion that was shown to me by being granted this assistance during such a difficult time. I, in my future success and reputation within my field of pursuit and community as a whole, am looking forward to/am excited to acknowledge OCC for the help and advocacy that has been shown to me in this particular situation, as well as in the past, throughout the last few years of my life. OCC has been a safe haven for me in more ways than one, and in turn, will be in part- responsible for my success and the overall contribution I make to society.

"I lost my job and could not afford to pay for transportation to and from school. As I seek another job, I find myself in need of assistance to cover a bus pass. Thank you for releasing to funds to me, and know I will always be grateful for how OCC came through on my behalf."

"My mother struggles with mental illness and during one of her episodes; she kicked me out of the house. I found temporary housing for my dog, and me but I am trying to focus on school and this makes it that much more difficult. Your assistance will not only help me stay focused, but gives me hope that someone cares."

"I prepared to take a full schedule during the fall semester and then COVID 19 hit. I was able to navigate this hurdle and stay on track, and then I lost everything in a house fire. I couldn't believe how quickly you helped when my family lost everything. I had always heard that the people at OCC care about the students. Now I know it is true."


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