Michigan New Jobs Training

Through the Michigan New Jobs Training (MNJT) program, we may be able to offer your business a unique incentive that meets all of your training needs, while giving you a significant competitive, and financial, edge. As a learning partner – and a proven leader in business and corporate training – OCC understands the need to provide solutions that are both flexible and tailored to fit our clients’ needs. 

Customized Training

Working together, we can help you customize a training program that fits your specific business needs and still meets the guidelines of the Michigan New Jobs Training Program. 

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How MNJT Works

  • New Jobs: The Michigan New Jobs Training Program is offered in cooperation with the state and is focused on new job creation. 
  • Payroll tax deferral: A law enacted by the state allows Oakland Community College to have the payroll taxes of qualified new employees diverted to the college – instead of being paid to the Michigan Department of Treasury – to cover a broad range of training expenses.  
  • Cost-effective training: If your business qualifies, we’re able to provide you with a cost-effective training solution for employees being placed into new jobs. 
  • Funds usage: MNJT funds from deferred payroll taxes can be used in several ways, including training programs offered through OCC, the development of specialized vendor-based training, college tuition, certification services, books, equipment and more. 

If your company is moving to, expanding in or starting its operations in Michigan, you may be eligible.  

To qualify, the number of jobs your company has on its payroll in Michigan under a specified EIN at the time of enrollment must be greater than, or equal to, the number of jobs it had on its payroll in Michigan in the last 12 months. In addition, the new jobs being created must meet all of these criteria: 

  • Employee types: The jobs are not jobs of recalled workers, replacement jobs or any other job that existed in your business within the one-year period preceding the date of an agreement. 
  • Job classification: The jobs are full-time in your new, existing or expanding business. 
  • Pay: The jobs are new jobs that pay at least 175% of the state minimum wage. 
  • Michigan employment: The jobs result in a net increase in employment in Michigan for your business. 

Flexible reimbursement solutions 

  • Employer advance: In this option, your business advances training funds to OCC and is then reimbursed by the College when we receive the redirected withholding taxes from the state.  
  • Reimbursement from OCC: There may be instances in which your business pays directly for eligible program services. Reimbursement may be available if the expenses are reasonable and necessary. OCC is responsible for the auditable management and administration of all program services. As such, and for the program services to be considered for reimbursement, program costs must be documented per the OCC guidelines listed in the links below. 

Your OCC training specialist can review Michigan New Jobs Training reimbursement options with you and help you decide which approach works best for you. 

What to expect 

  • First meeting: One of our MNJT training specialists at Oakland Community College will review the program guidelines and next steps, as well as answer any questions you may have.  
  • Agreement of Intent (AOI): You’ll also be asked to sign this non-binding document. This establishes the date from which new employees can be counted in the program to lock in your program start date. There’s no commitment to proceed.   
  • Application: When you’re ready, your MNJT specialist will help you complete your application and review the documentation needed for formal program approval and participation. 
  • Training programs: Your specialist will also introduce you to OCC’s full spectrum of state-of-the-art training courses and services.  

Working together, we can help you customize a training program that fits your specific business needs and still meets the guidelines of the Michigan New Jobs Training Program.