10,000 Small Business

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program is designed to support eligible Detroit-area business owners as they help drive economic growth in their local communities. Through the program you’ll be given access to the tools and resources you need to develop a strategic and customized growth plan for your business. You’ll learn how to:  

  • Identify and evaluate business opportunities 
  • Understand and manage the competitive business environment 
  • Analyze financial statements 
  • Access financial capital 
  • Become a more effective leader 
  • Become a more skilled negotiator 
10,000 Small Business alumnus takes his business to next level 

“My greatest development as a leader is understanding the importance of working on my business versus working in my business,” says Will Owens, CEO of Worry-Free Transportation, and a graduate of the 10,000 Small Businesses program."  Read Will’s story 

How 10,000 Small Business works 

  • Partnership: Goldman Sachs partners locally with Oakland Community College to offer 10,000 Small Businesses.  
  • Real-world training: The curriculum links learning to action – focusing on immediately applicable, practical skills in topics such as negotiation, marketing and employee management.  
  • Capital for business growth: As part of the program, Goldman Sachs works with local, regional and national Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and other mission-driven small business lenders to expand access to capital.  
  • Support network: Through the 10KSB program you will get opportunities to learn from other like-minded business owners, receive expert advice from business professionals and get one-on-one business advising. These partnerships help make loans available to qualifying small businesses that lack access to affordable capital or may not be eligible for traditional sources of credit. 

What to expect 

To get the most out of the 10,000 Small Business program you will be asked to engage in the following: 

  • Attend a program orientation.
  • Complete 11 convenient learning sessions. 
  • Participate in out-of-class activities, including completing assignments, attending networking events and business support clinics. 
  • Develop a tailored plan for business growth prior to graduation. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Is your small business poised for growth? Are you passionate about growing your business and creating jobs in your community? If so, your business may be a good candidate to apply for 10,000 Small Businesses. Other criteria include:  

  • You are the owner or co-owner of your business. 
  • Your business has been in operation for at least two years. 
  • Your business revenues are more than $100,000 in the most recent fiscal year. 
  • The business has a minimum of two employees, including yourself / owner.