Online Course Testing

If you are taking online courses, they will include exams, quizzes, and tests. Testing requirements will vary from course to course. 

Information about how tests will be taken is included in the syllabus and may also be included in the course comment located in the online schedule on MyOCC.

If you have additional concerns or circumstances not addressed by the information below, please contact the instructor of the courses you are registered for to receive further assistance.

Here is what to expect: 

Online Testing

These services may scan the room where you are completing the test and use webcams to monitor you and your workspace while you take your tests. 

Where: Online test proctoring service, like Honorlock or Proctorio.
Course Type: ONL/ONL-L/ONL-T
Testing Fee: Fees may apply

In-Person Testing

Online with Testing courses (ONL-T) require students to take in-person proctored exams. 

Where: With your instructor at specific days and times or at an OCC Academic Testing Center
Course Format: ONLT
Testing Fees: Free at OCC

OCC testing centers are located at the Auburn Hills and Orchard Ridge Campuses.

Students Out of the Area

If you live out of the area, you can use an approved testing center to complete exams, quizzes, and tests in another location. 

You must request approval of the testing location and service you choose from your instructor if it is not at an OCC campus.

Most testing centers will charge a fee.

Find the NCTA approved testing center that works best for you.