Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

How do you save lives? You train to be a medical emergency professional. It’s a deep calling. You must have compassion, calmness, strength of mind and the right technical training to be effective in those critical moments.  

Emergency medical services (EMS) professionals are the first link between the patient and the medical team at the hospital. You are on the front line assessing the situation working alongside fire and police professionals.

Fast, Thorough, Grounded & Adaptable  

At OCC, you listen in class, watch demonstrations, practice hands-on skills and review case studies. Your classes prepare you to: 

  • Take National Registry certification written and practical exams with confidence.
  • Obtain a Michigan EMT & Paramedic license. 
  • Deliver CPR and other emergency field measures. 

In addition to practical training in lifesaving measures, you learn to recognize medical emergencies, manage patients during transport, communicate professionally and respond to trauma in the field.

Jobs include: 

  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 
  • Paramedic 
  • Emergency Care Assistant 
  • Emergency Room Technician 

With more education or experience, jobs may include: 

  • Advanced Care Paramedic 
  • Community Paramedic 
  • Critical Care Paramedic 
  • Flight Paramedic 
Job Market Outlook

One of the Only Emergency Services Lab in Michigan 

Come to OCC to train for the many settings you will meet in the field. This innovative training “city” includes furnished houses, a bank, convenience store, motel and a five-story fire training tower.  

Two Years to Your Degree 

The associate degree can be finished by full-time students in about two years, including summers. Speak with a faculty member to plan your course of study and the schedule that works for you. 

Associate Degree & Certificates

We offer an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Emergency Medical Services (64-68 credits), an EMS & Paramedic Certificate (49-52 credits) and an EMS Certificate of Achievement (12 credits). The AAS Degree includes all courses in the EMT & Paramedic certificate.

The Only Emergency Services Sim Lab in Michigan 

Come to OCC to train for the many settings you will face in the field: banks, multi-story buildings, roadsides and homes. You will train with live scenarios at OCC’s Combined Regional Emergency Services Training Center (CREST)—the only emergency services simulation lab in the state.

Did you know?

Enroll Now 

Begin your studies with these steps: 

  • Apply to OCC. If you’re not already an OCC student, create a profile and complete our online application.
  • On the application, select your EMS option. 
  • Existing OCC students can update their academic program using the Student Update Information Request form.  
  • Attend an EMS Orientation (required) 
  • Pass a criminal background and drug screening. 
  • See all program admission requirements

Returning to OCC 

If it’s been three years or more since your last OCC class: 

Arrive Faster: EMS Academy

In addition to the EMS Degree & Certificates described here, you can attend the intensive EMS Academy in the summer to prepare for the EMS exam in just six weeks. Other medical first responder courses also available.