Guest Students
Steps to Getting Started
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Knock Out Your Credits for Less

Attend OCC as a Guest Student and cut the cost, not your education.

Taking summer classes is a popular option for students who are home for the summer. Completing summer courses can possibly allow you to graduate one to two semesters earlier. And, we make it easy to transfer the credits you earn back to your home college. Plus, you’ll be exempt from all placement testing and many prerequisites are waived for our guest students.   

Get ahead, stay ahead

If you like our summer classes, plan to attend during fall and winter to supplement your course load. Our online options make this easy.

Before you register:

  • Check out the Michigan Transfer Network to confirm your OCC class selections count toward your degree with your home institution’s advising staff.
  • Confirm that there are not prerequisite courses that will prevent you from registering for your OCC class selections.

The following steps will guide you through the process of becoming a OCC guest student at.

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Step 1: Complete our free, online application

You will receive a confirmation email from our Admissions team when your application is received and another one when it is processed. Please allow two (2) business days for processing.

Note: Guest applications are valid for 1 year. If your application has expired, log into your application account and create a new application.

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Step 2: Set up MyOCC Account

MyOCC is where you will access your student email account, complete pre-registration steps, register for classes, find payment information, and more.

After your application is processed, you will receive two emails with the information needed to set up your MyOCC account. First, admissions will email your OCC Student ID number and the link to find your username. Then, Online Services will email your Temporary Password.

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Step 3: Online Learning Readiness Course

The Online Learning Readiness Course is required before you can register for online or hybrid classes. Log into MyOCC and select Online Learning Readiness Course (DIST 1000) under Pre-Registration Steps.

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Step 4: Course Prerequisites

Guest students are waived from prerequisites for many, but not all OCC courses. A list of subjects that require verification of prerequisite completion is available on the course prerequisites page. This information is also available in the individual course descriptions.

If the course you’re wishing to take as a guest student requires that you verify prerequisite completion, please send an email including an unofficial copy of your college transcript(s) and what course(s) you wish to take as a Guest Student to the Counseling Office at your preferred campus.

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Step 5: Register for Classes

Log into your MyOCC account and select Student Planning. Then select Plan your Degree & Register for Classes to search for classes and add them to your plan. After classes have been added to your plan, you can register for them.

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Step 6: Payment

If you are using your financial aid award, funds will be applied directly to your student account. You can review your award, check your balance and make payments in the MyOCC Finance and Financial Aid sections.

You can pay any balance you owe via:

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Step 7: Get The One Card

The One Card is your official OCC Student ID, library and copy/print card. Your first card is free and will be mailed to the address on file with the college.

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Step 8: Buy Your Books

Visit the OCC Bookstore in-person at Auburn Hills, Royal Oak or Orchard Ridge to purchase your books, supplies and OCC gear. You can also shop online and have your order shipped directly to your home.