Apply to Graduate

You’ve worked hard! You're in your final classes and preparing to cross the finish line. One of the last steps before receiving your degree or certificate is to apply to graduate. 

3 Easy Steps to Apply to Graduate

Step 1: Schedule an appointment with an OCC Counselor to apply for graduation.
Step 2: During your appointment, you'll complete your graduation application with the counselor.
Step 3: Receive confirmation from the Registrar's Office.

After you've submitted your graduation application:  Confirm your mailing address

Step 1: Schedule an appointment with an OCC Counselor

This will only take about 30 minutes. If you are participating in the commencement ceremony, please complete your graduation application by Friday, April 14 to ensure that your name will be published in the commencement program booklet.  There are two options for scheduling your appointment:


  • Log into your MyOCC account.
  • Click “College Resources.”
  • Click “Make a Counseling Appointment.”
  • Log into the system again.
  • Select the campus where you would like to schedule your counseling appointment and click “submit”. 
    • Note: Your appointment will be a phone appointment.
  • Select “make appointment".
  • Select “phone call to discuss graduation requirements” for the reason why you're scheduling the counseling appointment, and click “Continue.”
  • Select the day, start time, stop time and Counselor you want for your appointment.
  • Click “Search.”
  • Select the green box to make your appointment.
  • Enter and verify your phone number. Then click “Submit”.
  • An appointment confirmation to your OCC email address.


Schedule your appointment with an OCC counselor by calling the number below for your specific campus.

  • OCC Counselor Appointment Line: 248.341.2270

Step 2: During your appointment, you’ll complete your graduation application with the Counselor

  • The Counselor will go over the graduation application content and once the information is verified the counselor will submit the application for processing.
  • If you have any questions about your graduation application after your appointment, you can follow up with your Counselor by sending an email through your OCC email account.

Step 3: Receive confirmation from the Registrar’s office

  • Once your graduation application has been submitted by a Counselor students:
    • FALL GRADUATES - You will receive a graduation email from the Registrar’s office no later than February 1st.
    • WINTER GRADUATES - You will receive a graduation email from the Registrar’s office no later than June 5th.
  • For any Graduation questions, please send an email to from your OCC email address. 

While you wait: Confirm your mailing address

  • If you have an address change, please update your address as soon as possible to ensure that you can receive your diploma.  This can be done at any campus Student Services office, or by emailing Enrollment Services.

Commencement Ceremony - Celebrate your Graduation with us at Commencement

  • Once your application has been submitted you will receive a Commencement invitation letter from the Registrar’s office.  Commencement letters will be mailed starting in March 2023 and are mailed out until a week prior to the ceremony.
  • This letter will explain everything regarding the Commencement Ceremony.  This information can also be found on the Commencement Ceremony website.
  • For questions about the Commencement Ceremony use the contact information listed below.
  • If you do not receive your Commencement letter by May 8th please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Contact Information

Auburn Hills
Anne Palmer
Phone: 248.232.4136

Ordering (cap, gowns, etc.)
Auburn Hills Bookstore
Phone: 248.232.4320

Highland Lakes
Sue Henke
Phone:  248.942.3335

Orchard Ridge
Michelle Rodgers
Phone:  248.522.3510

Ordering (cap, gowns, etc.)
Orchard Ridge Bookstore
Phone:  248.522.3420

Royal Oak/Southfield
Kim Combs
Phone:  248.246.2611

Ordering (caps, gowns, etc.)
Royal Oak Bookstore
Phone:  248.246.2420

Disability Assistance
Michelle McLane
Phone: 248.522.3481

For the hearing impaired,
please use Michigan Relay
Phone: 800.649.3777

Steve Linden
Ken Faulk