Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to apply separately to the dental hygiene program?

No, once you apply to the college and declare DHY as your curriculum designation and Highland Lakes as your home campus, you will be placed on the dental hygiene mailing list when you start taking courses at OCC.

Do I have to make a reservation to attend an information session?

No, there are 3 scheduled sessions in the school year, you must attend one. The dates are available in the fall term from counseling.

Can I transfer classes from other campuses and/or other colleges?

Yes, and in most cases transfers are equivalent in course content and credit hour, be sure you check with a counselor prior to enrolling in a course that you are unsure about.

Can I transfer into your program if I am currently in another dental hygiene program?

Yes, but this is subject to seat availability and program to program credit hour compatibility. Transfer students must meet with program director on an individual basis to determine skill acquisition as well as mastery of theory.

Will I get a letter if I have not been accepted into class of 30 students selected in the fall?

No, you will only receive an acceptance letter once you are formally accepted into the program.

Do I have to have a current CPR certification to enter the program?

Yes, and a copy is required before you are allowed to treat patients.

What if it has been over 5 years since my science courses were taken?

The dental hygiene program provides a science review course that is required prior to admittance into the program. The science review manual is purchased through the bookstore, therefore it is not a credit hour course. Prospective students will be notified if this is applicable to their situation. The student must pass the science review mastery exam by 75% to be accepted into the program.