Program Requirements & Expectations

Students interested in the Radiologic Technology program must be aware of the following pertinent information regarding the professional component of the curriculum:

  • This is an accelerated program designed for students with strong math and science backgrounds. All Radiologic Technology course work is completed within twenty months at a rapid pace.
  • Courses are full-time, with 40 hours per week of mandatory commitment to school related activities (didactic and clinical).
  • Extensive study time will be needed in addition to scheduled clinical practice and didactic/laboratory studies. Most students indicate that they spend at least 15 to 20 additional hours out of class per week preparing e.g. reading, completing assignments, etc.
  • In addition to expected study time, students are required to complete clinical assignments called "pretests". Pretests require some independent research and are used to prepare and assist the student during clinical rotations.
  • Supervised clinical practice is of between 3-5 days per week (depending on the semester) is required.
  • Most clinical site assignments are within a 50 mile radius of OCC's Southfield Campus. However, some assignments may be a greater distance from the college.
  • Clinical practice is offered on a day shift. Four weeks are assigned to the evening shift during the fourth and fifth semesters (8 weeks total). Didactic classes are held during the day and evening.
  • Students follow the dress code of the clinical site to which they are assigned. Students provide their own uniforms.
  • Stringent policies are applied regarding didactic/clinical grades. No student is permitted to continue in the program if a final grade lower than 75% is received in any course- didactic or clinical.
  • Stringent policies regarding "missed" clinical days are also applied. Any missed time due to illness, etc. must be made up prior to the end of a given semester.