Respiratory Therapy Program Policies

Admission and Retention Requirements

Any Respiratory Therapy student who does not comply with these requirements, prior to the start of instruction will be denied entrance to the program.

Criminal Background Check 

All selected respiratory students must undergo a criminal history check at the student’s expense, including fingerprinting, to verify that they are eligible for admission to the program. Either of the following will preclude eligibility for admission: A felony or any attempt to commit a felony within the fifteen (15) years immediately preceding the date of the criminal history check; or a misdemeanor within ten (10) years immediately preceding the criminal history check. 

Drug Screening

The RSP program follows and enforces the Oakland Community College and the clinical affiliated agencies’ policy for maintaining a drug-free campus and work place.  Therefore, negative result for a urine drug screen test (no drugs found) is a requirement for admission into the program. All students selected for admission must have a urine drug screen test at their own expense and must be drug free in order to be eligible for admission. More details about the process of drug testing (where to be tested, the cost of the test, and how the results of the testing are reported to the Health Professions Department) will be sent to the selected students in the information packet and can be obtained from the RSP Program Director.

Student Health

Health Insurance is strongly encouraged.  The college, the health care facilities and workman’s compensation do not cover the students against accidents or illness.  Students are responsible for the cost of any medical or emergency care.


A current health history and physical examination are required within one month prior to starting the respiratory program.  The Medical History and Health Examination forms are available through the Health Professions Department.  All required immunization and tuberculin (TB) test or chest x-ray (if TB is positive) must be done as a part of the initial examination.

Tuberculosis screening must be repeated and submitted annually (either Tuberculin skin test (TB test) or TB Screening Questionnaire). Students who drop out of the Respiratory Therapy Program for more than one year must have another physical examination and have the appropriate forms on file prior to resuming clinical experiences.
All respiratory students must provide documentation for measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chickenpox), Tdap, Hepatitis B, and influenza (annually, during flu season). For Hepatitis B, either proof of immunity or a signed declination of immunization must be submitted. IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME.

Other Admission Requirements

Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider (BLS-HCP) through the American Heart Association must be completed prior to the first clinical RSP course at OCC. Students are required to show evidence of current BLS Healthcare Provider Certification. Certifications must be renewed prior to the card expiration.

All required information must be submitted to the RSP Program Director by the specified dates.  Furthermore, other requirements may be added at any time if necessary, to meet the needs of the external agencies.

Students who do not pay tuition by the deadline will be deregistered and will not be registered again in the same semester. Students who have been deregistered and have not yet started the program may lose their seat in the program. Students who have been deregistered and have already begun the program will be registered when space is available.

Second year respiratory students are required to maintain current health records and a CPR certificate, liability insurance and results of TB test (or chest x-ray) in the Department of Health Professions Office. Any second year respiratory student who is not in compliance with these regulations, prior to fall instruction, will be denied entrance to the clinical component.

Graduation Requirements

  • Students must receive passing grades ("C" or higher) in every required course (General Education AND RSP courses- 85 credits) to graduate from the program.
  • Each student must obtain a passing score on the NBRC Comprehensive Self-Assessment Therapist Multiple Choice Exam (TMC) one semester prior to the anticipated date of graduation.
  • Students must obtain a passing score on all competency assessments and clinical summary evaluations in each clinical rotation.