Automobile Servicing

Automobile Servicing

You open the hood; you slide under the chassis. You know this isn’t your uncle’s vintage treasure. Vehicles are becoming more and more complex. Small issues can disable them, leaving a driver stranded or, worse, causing an accident. 

Automotive technicians help prevent these problems. As a mechanic, you maintain a vehicle’s overall health, ensuring it runs smoothly for its entire life. You troubleshoot problems ranging from broken sensors to faulty gears, and you make hands-on repairs accordingly. All the while, you’re using advanced knowledge of components ranging from computer systems to transmissions. 

An In-Demand Career with Good Pay 

Thousands of automotive technicians are retiring. As a result, you will find mechanic jobs plentiful, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting more than 73,000 openings each year

Employers are looking for techs, and they’re willing to pay you well, when you have the right credentials and work skills training. Explore local jobs.

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Learning by Doing 

As an automobile servicing student, you learn through a hands-on approach. 

You spend time in the classroom studying the various components of a car or truck. Then you immediately apply your learning to vehicles in our state-of-the-art lab. This method ensures you’re ready for work right after earning your credential. 

As part of our program, you study fundamentals and emerging technologies, including hybrid and electric vehicles. You also learn to diagnose and repair these systems: 

  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Automatic and manual transmissions
  • Brakes
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Emissions control
  • Engines
  • Front suspension and steering 
In 2022, Claude Townsend, the OCC automobile servicing program director, was honored with the Outstanding Faculty Award by the Michigan Community College Association. He earned the award based on his excellent teaching skills and work in successfully rebuilding the automobile servicing program. Since joining OCC in 2016, he has: 

  • Negotiated articulation agreements with five area high schools
  • Built numerous internship programs
  • Engaged local business partners
  • Led efforts for the program to become accredited by the ASE Education Foundation 
Townsend is also a certified NC3 master instructor, the only Michigan community college instructor with this recognition. This certification means he trains teachers as well as students.
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Enter the Field: Rewarding Credentials & Certification Opportunities 

It’s the perfect time to enter the automobile servicing field, and we’re here to help. Whatever your age or experience, we teach you what you need to know to be a successful mechanic. 

Associate Degree 

Learn everything you need to know about cars and trucks by earning the automobile servicing associate degree. With it comes better pay and growth opportunities. 

If you attend on a full-time basis, you can earn this 61-credit Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in about five semesters: 


If you’re ready to get to work and want the basic knowledge needed to succeed as an automotive tech, consider our 36-credit certificate. It can be completed in four semesters, even if you attend on a part-time basis: 

You can also earn the certificate and then complete the associate degree. For more information, speak with Claude Townsend, the automobile servicing program director. 


As part of your OCC automobile servicing education, you can also earn numerous certifications that increase your marketability and grant you job-ready skills: 

  • NC3: Earn up to 29 in-demand industry certifications ranging from Automotive Scanner Diagnosis to Wheel Service and Alignment. These certifications are built into your classes, meaning you learn the skills necessary to complete them with every completed assignment.
  • Mopar CAP: You can earn electrical core skills and Level 1 (semi-skilled) technician credentials. 

A Program Designed for Your Success 

Your Support Team Includes Auto Pros 

Our program is guided by local employers, who participate in an advisory board. Board members keep our classes aligned with industry changes, and they also welcome our students as apprentices. 

They show up in the classes you take, meeting you and seeing your progress. They may even hire you! 

The board includes representatives from: 

“You Learn Something New Every Day’ at OCC" - Tlek Zholdybekury

Let’s Go! 

Ready to begin your studies? Get started now: 

  • Apply to OCC. If you’re not already an OCC student, create a profile and complete our online application.
  • On the application select one of the degree or certificate programs ‘Automobile Servicing’.
  • Existing OCC students can update their academic program using the Student Update Information Request form.