Mental Health/Social Work

Mental Health/Social Work

The Mental Health and Social Work Program will prepares you for both transfer into partnering university programs that offer a Bachelor Degree in Social Work (BSW) and entry level employment in social service careers. The program has strong articulation agreements with the following universities:

  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Madonna University
  • Oakland University
  • Wayne State University

Graduates of the Mental Health and Social Work program who gain admission into these BSW programs are allowed to transfer between 71 to 73 credits from Oakland Community College. Graduates are also prepared to apply for entry level positions in the social service field. Entry level positions may include the following:

  • Social Work Technician
  • Social Work Assistant
  • Case Work Specialist
  • Case Work Assistant
  • Human Service Specialist
  • Mental Health Technician
  • Psychiatric Aid
  • Outreach Specialist
  • Substance Abuse Technician
  • Adoption Counselor Assistant
  • Child and Youth Care Worker
  • Youth Specialist
  • Foster Care Specialist
  • Family Protection Specialist

Mental Health and Social Work courses are offered in the Fall and Winter Semesters. Students who have completed the necessary pre-requisite courses are encouraged to follow the Mental Health and Social Work Program Plan which indicates the semesters when courses are available. Students are able to begin their Mental Health and Social Work courses in either the Fall or Winter Semester. Every student is strongly encouraged to meet with an Oakland Community College counselor to review the program plan and develop a personal plan of study.

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Overall employment of social workers is projected to grow 16% from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.  Employment growth will be driven by increased demand for healthcare and social services, but will vary by specialization. *Bureau of Labor Statistics
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This program is offered both at the Auburn Hills campus and Orchard Ridge campus.

Prospective students must meet standard OCC eligibility requirements - there is an open admissions policy and placement tests and new student orientation are required in most cases.  Students should meet with a counselor before attempting this plan of study.


Mental Health faculty are available to meet with prospective students throughout the Fall and Winter Semesters.  




The program adheres to the National Association of Social Work Code of Ethics.  Students are instructed on the ethical principles and values of the social work field during the Fall Semester.  During the fall semester, students will review this code in its entirety.  Elements of this code will also be addressed during each of the Mental Health and Social Work courses. Violation of these ethical guidelines can result in immediate dismissal from the program.