Music FAQs

Listed below are many of the commonly asked questions about the Music concentration.  If you do not find answers to your question here, contact Tom Dennis. Contact information is listed below.

Are the classes transferrable to four-year colleges?

Many of the classes are transferrable to four-year colleges. It really depends on the school you wish to transfer to. The OCC Counseling Dept. can assist you in determining which classes are transferrable.

Will I have opportunities to perform?

Yes, opportunities are in place to perform in both small and large ensembles - a "Student Showcase" concert takes place twice per year.

What types of music classes are offered?

Theory, History, Piano, Conduction, Composition, Lessons, and Performance.

Is the atmosphere friendly?

Yes, musicians meet each other in classes and frequently form small ensembles and bands that perform in the showcase. The faculty and tutors are friendly, knowledgeable and supportive.