Reverse Transfer Agreement

If you are transferring from OCC prior to completing an associate degree you may qualify for earning one without having to take any additional courses at OCC.

A Reverse Transfer Agreement provides an opportunity for former OCC students who transfer to a partnering Michigan four-year college or university to apply credits earned at the four-year institution toward an OCC associate degree. Obtaining an associate degree will not interfere with the courses and path to completing your bachelor’s degree, as the progress for completing both degrees occurs simultaneously.

Why should you participate if you are eligible?

  1. No additional cost or time.
  2. No additional OCC coursework needs to be taken.
  3. No additional coursework outside of your bachelor degree is required.
  4. If you are working while pursing your bachelor degree an associate degree may contribute to your earning power and is immediately a marketable credential for your resume.
  5. Life does not always go as planned and should the pursuit of your bachelor’s degree be interrupted, your academic achievement and the ability to exhibit writing, quantitative and critical thinking skills are recognized with an associate degree.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  1. Participants must be in good standings (financially, academically) at both institutions.
  2. Participants must have earned a minimum of 40 credit hours from OCC.
  3. Participants must have earned a minimum of 35 credit hours from the partnering four-year institution.
  4. The four-year institution must have a currently Reverse Transfer Agreement with OCC.
  5. Coursework transferred from the four-year institution to OCC must have received a minimum grade of “C” (2.0).
  6. Only courses that are applicable to satisfying specific program and/or degree requirements as determined by OCC will be utilized.

What happens if I believe I am eligible?

  1. Upon completion of 35 credits at the participating partner institution, the four-year college or university’s registrar will provide OCC's registrar with a list of undergraduate students (name, address and date of birth) who are either concurrently enrolled or transferred from OCC. 
  2. OCC will review the list to ensure that a minimum of 40 OCC credit hours were completed and that a degree has not already been earned at OCC.
  3. OCC will then notify students who meet these criteria in an attempt to begin steps for graduation determination.
    1. The student will be notified of the reverse transfer agreement and provided with information to complete an Application for Graduation. The notification will clarify that submission of the Application for Graduation will serve as the student's simultaneous approval for the partnering four-year institution to release the student's transcript to OCC.
    2. Upon receiving a completed Application for Graduation back from the student, OCC will request the transcript from the participating partnering institution for evaluation and will determine if requirements of an associate degree have been completed by the student. If the requirements for an OCC degree have been met, the student will be notified of eligibility, and graduation processing will occur for the student.

Partnering Reverse Transfer Agreement Institutions

Please contact the Counseling Office to ensure that you are on the best transfer path to meet your educational goals.