Non-Profit Management

OCC’s Economic and Workforce Development team offers a variety of specialized training classes and workshops on Non-Profit Management. 

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  • Nonprofit Board Governance
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Where are We With Our Policies and Procedures? Why this is Important to Employers and Why Bad Policies (or a Lack of Policies) are Costing You Money?
  • Strategic Planning: Current Models, Timeframes and Best Practice Approaches
  • Effective Grant Writing
  • The Art and Science of Evaluating Programs
  • Powerful Negotiating Skills
  • Thriving in a Time of Change: Tools for Working in a Changing Organization
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Operational Ownership
  • Knowledge Management and Succession Planning
  • Managing in Difficult and Challenging Times
  • Nonprofit Governance: Trends Among Non-profit Boards
  • Recruitment and Interviewing Techniques for Managers
  • Technical Leadership: Business, Strategic and Operational Value