Meet 2022 Grad: Mama 'Tamba' Jammeh

Mama Tamba Jammeh

“Graduation is a big milestone. I feel it’s just the start of it all and sets you up for the next level of getting a bachelor’s degree. Graduating is a big step to being the person I want to be and achieving my goals and dreams.” - Mama 'Tamba' Jammeh

Major: Associate Degree in Business Administration
Student Involvement/Honors: Dean’s List 

Q: What has been the biggest challenge of being a college student during the pandemic and how did you deal with it?
A: The biggest challenge was staying home because my brother, sister and cousins were home and it was difficult to study. The way I dealt with that challenge was going to the Southfield Library after it opened to study. I was not too familiar with D2L, but I took a D2L course, and everything was good from then on. 

Q: What were your biggest accomplishments? 
A: My biggest accomplishment is completing this associate degree at 18 years old. Usually, people get into college at 18. And getting through the pandemic, online and in-person classes, finding a balance and making it work for me is an accomplishment.  

Q: Describe your feelings having gone through the last two years and persevered?
A: When I went to online classes, I found it difficult to adapt and I doubted myself and my ability. I put in more time, effort and dedication and was able to get through the hurdles. I changed my schedule and managed my time better. I also made a study schedule each day and week with how many classes and hours I put into them. It helped me manage my time better to pass these classes. 

Q: What kind of support have you received from faculty?
A: Meena Kondapi, who taught me economy and business, guided and helped me whether it was academic or personal. Instructor Dawn Young had meetings with me outside of her hours to help me get a basic understanding of accounting. And from day one, Counselor Penny McKenzie has guided and helped me with classes and what I needed to transfer and understand those requirements. 

Q: What are the next steps for you after leaving OCC? 
A: In Fall 2022, I will transfer to the University of Michigan and get a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and minor in Computer Science. I would eventually like to work for a tech company and manage finances.  

Q: What would you like to say to your fellow graduates? 
A: Hard work and determination will lead you to success and achieve your goals. You need to adapt to difficult circumstances. Unexpected events can happen at any moment and never give up.