Admission & Selection

Admission to the Radiologic Technology Program

To begin courses at Oakland Community College:

  • Apply for admission to the college.
  • Declare RAL (Radiologic Technology) as your designated curriculum on the college application or complete a "change of data" form if you are a current OCC student.
  • Have official transcript of course work from other colleges and/or universities sent to the Registrar's office (Auburn Hills Campus, Building K, 2900 Featherstone Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2845) for evaluation.
  • Make an appointment in the Academic Support Center (ASC) at any OCC campus for admissions testing followed by an appointment with a counselor to design a plan of course work. Appointments can be scheduled by calling (248) 341-2000.
  • Begin required supportive and general education course work, as listed in the College Catalog, by registering for desired courses via OCC registration procedures.

Selection Process for the Professional Component in Radiologic Technology

Each year approximately 15 students are accepted into the professional component of the Radiologic Technology Program. This segment begins in September. In addition, this component requires full time participation. There are no provisions for part-time student status. Students who wish to be considered for acceptance into the professional component for a specific year must complete all prerequisite courses by the end of the Winter semester of that year. Once all completion requirements are confirmed students are ranked in order based upon the following factors:

  • The date of completion of all supportive and general education requirements as listed in the college catalog.
  • The date "RAL" was formally declared as the designated curriculum choice.
  • *Grade Point Average (GPA) * The GPA is used when the date of declaration between two or more students has been declared during the same period of time.

Drug Screening and Background Check

Any Radiography student who does not comply with these requirements, prior to the start of instruction will be denied entrance to the program.

Criminal Background Check:

All selected radiography students must undergo a criminal history check at the student’s expense, including fingerprinting, to verify that they are eligible for admission to the program. Either of the following will preclude eligibility for admission:

  • A felony or any attempt to commit a felony within the fifteen (15) years immediately preceding the date of the criminal history check; or
  • A misdemeanor within ten (10) years immediately preceding the criminal history check.

Moreover, any enrolled student in the program who is arrested for any felony or misdemeanor (including, but not limited to, misdemeanor or felony traffic violations i.e. Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol – OUIL, Operating While Impaired – OWI, etc.) must contact the Program Director at (248) 233-2922 within 72 hours of the arrest. Pending verification of the violation, the Program Director, in consultation with the Dean of Nursing and Health Professions, will then decide further subsequent needed actions related to continued status. A felony or misdemeanor conviction will preclude continued enrollment in the Radiologic Technology Program. 

Drug Screening:

The Radiologic Technology program follows and enforces the Oakland Community College and the clinical affiliate’s policy for maintaining a drug-free campus and work place.   Therefore, a negative result for a urine drug screen test (no drugs found) is a requirement for admission into the program. All students selected for admission must submit to a urine test (at their own expense) and must be drug free in order to be eligible for admission.

If the result of the drug test comes back indicating that the urine sample is too dilute to measure, not completed by the deadline or otherwise unreadable, the student must submit a hair sample for testing at the student’s expense.

A “positive” drug screen result will preclude eligibility for admission to the program.