Program Components

The OCC Radiologic Technology Program is divided into two distinct components:

  • Prerequisite Component- Required Supportive and General Education Courses
  • Professional Component- Radiologic Technology Courses

Students are officially enrolled in the radiologic technology program upon selection into the professional component which begins in mid-August of each year and continues through April of the following year (20 months).

Waiting list information

The wait list changes from year to year depending upon the number of applicants completing prerequisites. As of Fall 2019, there is a 0-1 year wait for entry into the professional component, which begins in August. Students are placed on the wait list after all their prerequisites have been completed. The list is compiled after interviews take place in March.

Radiologic Technologists must comply with the "Rules of Ethics" contained in the ARRT Standard of Ethics. The rules of ethics are standards of minimally acceptable professional conduct for all Registered Technologists and applicants. One issue covered by the Rules of Ethics is the conviction of a crime, including a felony, a gross misdemeanor, or a misdemeanor with the sole exception of speeding and parking violations. All alcohol and/or drug related violations must be reported. All potential violations must be investigated by the ASRT in order to determine eligibility.

Continuing your education at a postsecondary institution

Oakland Community College Radiologic Technology Program has articulation agreements with postsecondary institutions to further your educational achievements. The institutions can be found on the Transfer Credit Agreement Guide