What is a Radiologic Technologist?

Radiologic Technologists produce images of tissues, organs, bones and vessels of the body. Additionally, they produce radiographs to aid in the diagnosis of medical problems.

Characteristics needed by students for success

Strong Communication Skills: Radiographers must be proficient in both written and oral communication. Individuals for whom English is their second language are strongly encouraged to meet with an OCC counselor to discuss communication courses and details of the MTELP exam.

Maturity: Students will be exposed clinically to critically ill patients and urgent situations in which they must remain calm, respect patient privacy, and show a degree of tact and empathy.

Adult Learning Style: Each student must be capable of being a self-starter regarding their educational process. Students must be prepared to complete assignments in a timely manner, complete assigned reading, ask for assistance for clarification as needed, and show self-direction and active participation in the educational process. Much individual research and decision-making by the student is required.

Dedication: Due to the highly technical and fast-paced nature of this program, it is essential that students be highly motivated to complete the requirements of the program, and seek to obtain the best education possible. In most cases, this requires some sacrifice of comfortable family/personal leisure time activities and social activities.

Good Physical Health and Stamina: The time demands of the program require that a student have adequate stamina. Radiographers must be able to:

  • Stand for up to 8 hours per day
  • Assist in lifting, transferring, and positioning patients
  • Reach a height of 40" over the x-ray top
  • Differentiate shades of gray when evaluating the radiographic image
  • Read and interpret requisitions, patient charts, lab results, and reports
  • Manipulate the controls and keyboard of the instrument panel of the x-ray unit and computer system

Career Information

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