Associate in Arts

Associate in Arts

The Associate in Arts Degree emphasizes economics, foreign languages, literature, mathematics, music, philosophy, psychology, science, sociology, and theatre.

If you elect the Associate in Arts Degree for various reasons: as a basis for further study toward a baccalaureate degree, as a basis for employment in a variety of positions which require a broad college education, or for cultural enrichment. This program is offered in both the traditional format and 100% online. Faculty teaching in the online program have completed a mandatory faculty distance learning training and development program to ensure you have an engaging, valuable, and consistent learning experience.

  • The Associate in Arts Degree may serve as the basis for bachelor level studies or as the preparation for graduate and professional degrees (e.g. law, medicine).
  • The Cinematic Arts program incorporates a theoretical and practical field of study with a solid foundation for a bachelor degree.
  • Global Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide a know-ledge base for understanding and analyzing the political, economic, social and cultural aspects of current world issues.
  • Associate in Arts with a Concentration in Fine Arts/Visual, emphasizes a variety of art media and philosophies for students wishing to specialize in the Fine Arts at the university level.
  • The Music concentration fulfills a variety of needs: transfer to a four-year institution with approximately two years of study completed, or begin work in any area of music with a solid understanding of music theory, music history, and performance experience.
  • The Theatre program includes performance and the technical aspects of theatre, including theory and practical experience.
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Did you know?

Graduating from this program qualifies you for the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) endorsement. You should work closely with an OCC counselor to identify courses from the MTA list which apply to the endorsement and to select courses that will satisfy the intake requirements of the intended transfer institution.


Eligibility for a degree rests upon the satisfaction of these requirements:

Complete all academic requirements of the program.

  • Upon completion of 30 hours toward a degree, you should consult with a counselor.
  • Upon preparing to enter the final semester, you should again consult with a counselor to determine degree eligibility.

Complete a minimum of 62 credit hours for a degree with a minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) over all.

  • All transfer you must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours at OCC.
  • Meet all General Education Distribution requirements.

When leaving OCC who have completed 15 or more OCC credits may apply for graduation upon submission of transfer credit to complete degree requirements.

  • If the break is longer than three years, the effective catalog for the determination of degree requirements becomes the one in effect at the point at which the transfer credit is applied.
  • If the break is less than three years, the effective catalog remains unchanged for determining the completion of program requirements.

NOTE: An Application for Admission is needed before the transfer credit can be processed.