Skilled Trades

Skilled Trades

Join us for our Engineering & Skilled Trades Open House

Learn everything you need to know about OCC's engineering, skilled trades, apprenticeships, and short-term training programs. Tour classrooms, labs, and participate in demonstrations, and hands-on activities. Connect with OCC faculty, representatives from popular transfer institutions, and employers.  Jump-start your career and reserve a spot today!

The study of how things work and how they’re made continues to be fertile ground for jobs in high demand of the modern-day workforce.

Students that complete OCC’s Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Technology career pathway have found career opportunities in several different fields ranging from automotive services and robotics to construction management and heating and cooling. Learn more about each of the fields of study offered in this career pathways listed below.

Skilled Trades Programs at Oakland Community College

There is a huge demand today for students entering the skilled trades, including welding, auto servicing and robotics, according to instructors at Oakland Community College. Learn the latest hands-on skills and theoretical knowledge to earn a good-paying skilled trades job. Start today. For more information, visit